A Historic Wind is Blowing Through the House of Islam

God is doing something amazing in our day in the house of Islam. He is moving in ways never before seen in history. Read more to find out how you can be praying and sharing the love of Jesus with our Muslim neighbors near and far.

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From the Editor Editorial

From the Editor

God Has Provided A Historic Opportunity: Let’s Join Him in What He is Doing

The work God is doing today among Muslims is so historic and unprecedented that I wonder if any of us can truly comprehend it. Never before in the 1,400 years since the death of Muhammad have we...

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God is Doing Something Historic Feature

God is Doing Something Historic

More than 86 percent of all the Muslim movements to Christ in the 1,381-year history of Islam have occurred in the last 12 years. In centuries past, movements and crusades have been initiated in an effort to bring Muslims the gospel from the western world. But now something is happening within the very communities where Islam is so heavily present. What is God using to bring these people to His kingdom?

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Welcoming Muslim Neighbors into God’s Kingdom in East Africa Feature

Welcoming Muslim Neighbors into God’s Kingdom in East Africa

Jesus verses in the Quran; the witness of followers of Isa al-Masih; supernatural experiences of dreams, visions, healings and deliverances; and the Bible. These are the things bringing Muslims to Christ today. We can increase the impact by praying for and with our Muslim neighbors. We can also show them love in our daily lives by keeping our hearts and ears open to the opportune moments we are given to share the Good News.

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Why Are Muslims Coming to Jesus Like Never Before? Feature

Why Are Muslims Coming to Jesus Like Never Before?

Muslims are coming to faith in Jesus en masse. Globalization, a convergence of physical and spiritual influences and even terrorism are being used by God to reach Muslims. God is orchestrating this, “so that they would seek him and perhaps reach out for him and find him” (Acts 17:27). Christians have an opportunity to show love, hospitality and friendship to them, which opens doors to gospel outreach.

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Start a Disciple-Making Movement Among Your Muslim Neighbors Feature

Start a Disciple-Making Movement Among Your Muslim Neighbors

God has brought Muslims to your doorstep. Yet, 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide live with a mixture of truth and error, awaiting the movement of God’s Spirit to lead them on a “Straight Path” into His kingdom. Using disciple-making strategies, coined by workers in the field, we can be inspired to reach our Muslim neighbors in the most effective ways.

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Any-3 Feature


Lead Muslims to Christ Now!

My team and I experienced years of fruitless ministry in a “resistant” Muslim field. In desperation we decided to simply present the Gospel to everyone in a way others could discover who the Spirit was already drawing to follow Jesus. Those who were responsive then received discipleship toward faith in Jesus. Any-3 is a five-step process which starts by getting acquainted with and leads to discovering whether the Holy Spirit is at work in a person’s life to convict them of sin and prepare them for salvation.

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Guide Muslims to the Bible Feature

Guide Muslims to the Bible

How does one begin to interact with Muslims about Jesus in a meaningful way? What are the basic obstacles one faces when approaching a Muslim with the Gospel? Read a conversation between a Muslim friend and me, as we delve into real-life barriers Muslims face when approached by the Christian faith.

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A Novice’s Guide to Fielding Common Muslim Objections Feature

A Novice’s Guide to Fielding Common Muslim Objections

Oftentimes, when we find ourselves in spiritual conversation with a Muslim neighbor, friend or acquaintance, we overflow with excitement and anticipation about the outcome of the situation. However, we commonly run into objections they may have with Christianity. There are at least five common arguments Muslims have against the Christian faith. Never fear, there are answers to their questions. Will you be prepared when they are asking you?

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Kingdom Kernels Feature

Kingdom Kernels

CPM Essentials On a Napkin

You’ve decided in your heart that you want to see God birth a Church-Planting Movement (CPM) in your community or people group. The question is: “How do I start?” Suppose that we’re sitting in a...

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How One Man Dared to Shake Up World Missions

How One Man Dared to Shake Up World Missions

The Ralph D. Winter Story

Though Ralph D. Winter’s name is not as well known as, say, Billy Graham’s, his impact has been enormous. Anyone who has ever been invited to pray for an “unreached people group” has Ralph Winter to thank in large part. Had he not providentially arrived on the scene in time, Western missions might have died out by now, wrongly convinced that the missionary task had, by a faulty colonialist definition, been “accomplished”.

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What Should We Do With All Our Money? Raising Local Resources

What Should We Do With All Our Money?

When Global Generosity Destroys Local Generosity

We know what it says in the Word about generosity, giving and financial blessing. Has our view of giving become flawed over time? Has our financial support been going to the wrong people? We need to go back to the first example of giving the apostles gave us to grasp a better understanding of what our money should be supporting.

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12 Months Blocs Spotlight for July 2013

12 Months Blocs Spotlight for July 2013

South Asian Peoples With Emphasis on India

India is in need of our prayers. There is an urgent need for harvest laborers to come to India from other countries. Why? Well, among other things, one-third of the world’s remaining unreached people groups live in India. India’s unreached are an astonishing array of 2,350 peoples with different cultures, languages, castes and religious traditions. And that is just the beginning.

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12 Months Blocs Spotlight for August 2013

12 Months Blocs Spotlight for August 2013

Tibetan Peoples

In between the brown mud houses, on a street made of soil, walks a petite girl, clothed in a blue-and-white school uniform. She straightens the red scarf that she wears with pride on hair pulled...

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Further Reflections Further Reflections

Further Reflections

Training in Action

During a major event in Southeast Asia this week, I met a young global worker. I mean really young…like 20-years young. He is 1.5 years into a 3-year commitment in this Southeast Asian nation, on...

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