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Mobilization Strategist
Mount Vernon, WA

A beloved son of our Heavenly Father, Robby is a Jesus-follower serving networks, ministries and individuals toward more effectively multiplying movements of Jesus followers until there is No Place Left where Jesus isn’t preached and Matthew 24:14 is fulfilled.

He is General Director for Mission Network, production manager for Steve Smith’s “No Place Left” saga, editor for James Nyman’s “Stubborn Perseverance,” and a consultant with, a matching service to facilitate collaboration between missionaries and senders.

He helps out here with Mission Frontiers occasionally, and mostly researches what is working best to advance God’s kingdom then distills this to equip others for greater fruitfulness.


In 1980, Robby earned an engineering degree from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), then served for 24 years with the U.S. Center for World Mission (USCWM) where he was mentored by and worked closely with the founder, Dr. Ralph Winter.

During his years with the USCWM, Robby also served in information technology and then as personnel director.

The steady stream of global leaders who visit the USCWM enabled Robby to develop an unusually clear grasp of the strategic considerations necessary for completing the missionary task in our day. His continuing relationships with many of these leaders is a valuable asset toward building the collaborative efforts necessary to complete the missionary task.

Robby and his wife Jackie presently live in Mount Vernon, WA with their three children: Joelle, Dana, and Wesley.

In 2004, Robby and Jackie Butler left the USCWM and launched Mission Network to:

- study the factors behind the “Mobilization Gap” (the gap between the Church’s capacity and its fruitfulness in discipling all peoples), and

- work with North American church movements and mission agencies to close this gap.

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