Patrick Johnstone Interview part 1

Patrick Johnstone is an evangelical optimist who writes “in the face of a prevailing pessimism and creeping universalism.” But does he have good reasons for his optimism?

Check out this video to see if you’re content with his answers. One thread in his optimism is the astonishing growth of Evangelicals in recent decades, yet he also sounds a cautionary note that Evangelicals “may be sowing the seeds of their own spiritual demise.” Find out what he means by that. Finally, watch the video to discover what this 73-year-old statesman wants to say to the Millennial generation now weighing the Great Commission for themselves.



Thanks Patrick, that’s inspiring! I too am an evangelical optimist. I’m currently serving in mission in Peru and I’m excited about what God is doing here.

God Bless

When we see the world, in lots of mess, and many churches in various stagnant, or less-than-healthy-states, we can be overcome with pessimistic thoughts. But when we see and hear Jesus risen from the grave, speaking hope… and hear his earlier words in Scripture, and ponder their outworking of what his plan really involves… Who wouldn’t be optimistic?  Thanks Patrick! What a fine contribution your gathering of statistics has proven to be. 

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