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Leave a Lasting Witness by Illustrating the Gospel as you Present It

Leave a Lasting Witness by Illustrating the Gospel as you Present It

While working with a team to start a T4T movement1 among Muslim immigrants in a major European city, Tim asked God, “How can I turn a verbal presentation of the First and Last Sacrifice Story2 into a visual Gospel I can leave with a person I talk with?” Here is the result:

•  Draw a circle filling the top portion of a page. Write “Kingdom of God” inside in large letters, then describe and list various attributes: perfect relationships, justice, peace, love, etc. Write opposite attributes outside the circle. Let the other person add their ideas.

•  Draw a crude tree and initials for Adam & Eve inside the circle as you describe the original paradise God gave them to manage, and the one rule by which they were to show their love—not eating fruit from this one tree. (Some find stick figures of prophets offensive, so we use initials.)

•  Draw a snake entering the picture as you describe how a rebellious fallen angel took on this disguise to trick A&E into disobeying, and an arrow from the tree with A&E now outside the circle as you explain that we don’t know how many good things they had done, but just one sin broke their relationship with God.

•  Draw a lamb next to the arrow as you describe how God sacrificed an innocent animal to cover A&E with its skin. This was the first sacrifice made by God on Man's behalf

•  List Old Testament prophets and note they taught and practiced sacrifice: Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, etc. Draw an upward arrow by each name as you note these prophets all pointed people back to God.

•  Draw a doorway marked with blood on the top and sides as you describe how God sent judgment on the Egyptian oppressors but spared the Israelites who sacrificed a lamb. Say “Shed blood saved life. No shed blood left death.”

•  Write “Lamb of God = Jesus” as you tell how John declared him “the lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.”

•  Draw a cross as you explain that Jesus, the Word of God, came to earth through a virgin and lived a sinless life, then provided the perfect and final sacrifice for all sin. Now God forgives all who trust His finished work and stop relying on their own efforts to be good. “Without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins” He 9:22 (ESV).

•  Draw an arrow rising into a cloud as you tell how God raised Jesus from the dead to sit at God’s right hand until He returns to judge the earth.

•  Draw an arrow bringing humankind into God’s Kingdom. Label it “Jesus,” “God’s Straight Path,” and “FREE GIFT” and say “The Injil says Jesus is God’s free gift—perfect sacrifice to provide us the straight path back to God and His Kingdom.”

•  Ask in conclusion: “Does it make sense that God saw we can never be good enough, so He provided a straight path into His Kingdom that doesn’t depend on our efforts?”

•  If they agree, ask “Do you believe this?” If yes, have them read Ro 10:9-10, then pray with them.

•  In any case, ask “Would you like to meet again to discuss stories about Jesus?”

Add your contact information, get theirs, and leave your drawing with them.

  1. Training for Trainers (T4T) is a CPM (Church Planting Movement) strategy developed in one Asian country and first introduced in MF in Jan/Feb 2011.

  2. Any-3 is a fruitful approach to evangelism based on John 4, developed for reaching Muslims in an Asian country, and featured in the Jul/Aug 2013 issue of MF.


This is just what I need.  I’ve started using Any3 with Muslims in New Zealand and also illustrating the two Kingdoms.  But this brings it all together in a visual way….I can’t wait to start using this.  Thanks so much


You are most welcome. I’ll pass along your appreciation to the author, who prefers to remain anonymous.

I’ll also email you (and any others who comment) a compilation I developed this morning of other helpful but under-promoted materials for effective sharing with Muslims.

I would love to have more tools for effective sharing of the Gospel.

I have found this a very effective tool!!!!.  The first two times I used Any3 with the illustration I led 2 Mslm friends to the Lord on the same day


CWOliver, I’ve sent you the current resource list and links. Thanks for asking.

As someone who works with Muslims on a regular basis, I appreciate what you are doing. The Qur’an makes no mention of blood, so this concept will be totally new to Muslims. I have found it important to spend more time with them describing the perfect world, perfect man and perfect marriage. God is complete and perfect and he would not create something that is broken. This is a new concept to Muslims, who believe that Adam and Eve lived in a world just like ours. They have little concept that creation is broken and needs fixing. This is usually enough for them to dwell on for several days, as God opens their eyes to the brokenness of the world. Muslims do not need a Saviour, because they do not recognize sin. In our next meeting we spend time looking at how man’s relationship with God was broken, and they are now far from God. The actions of man have brought shame on God, because we have ruined his creation. Only an intercessor can bring us back into relationship with God. They understand this from their own culture. We then start in Genesis, like you have and trace the blood sacrifice from Genesis to Jesus, much like you have done. As you go through the blood line, remember that they have no concept of sacrifice, or even prayer for that matter, as accomplishing anything. They do these things out of obedience… and to garner good works for judgment day. It may take several meetings with them before they understand that sacrifice actually accomplishes things with God, and through Jesus we can be brought near.

Hi Robby

I would love to have the other tools you have as I am working into a town with a huge muslim population. Thank you


Ian, I’ve compiled the full list of resources I am aware of at

Among many other great resources you’ll find there is preview access to James Nyman’s remarkable new book:
Stubborn Perseverance: How to launch 
cascading movements to Christ,
 among Muslims and others

(A manual illustrated by fictionalized events)

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