Special Feature: Audio Interview with David Platt at Urbana 2015

David Platt is President of the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptists.

David speaks to his new role leading missionaries and to what obstacles the global Church must overcome in order to see movements of discipleship within every people.


Brother Mark, the greatest barrier to the gospel going to all nations is the corrupted exegesis that justifies all American believers must consume 84% of their giving to hire a weekly Bible lecturer and build and maintain a special building to get enough people in one room to pay the pedestalized Bible expert. Now only 16% of giving can bring the gospel to those who have never heard. That is a horrible barrier that every Bible expert supports. In more than 6 texts Paul teaches ministry “free of charge”, not being a burden, helping the weak, combining marketplace work with spiritual leadership. Bible experts twist severely two texts to nullify the 6+ texts. All American believers are led to be consuming believers. They are also led to practice an alternative identity rather than be “priests” who “proclaim the glories of Him who called us from darkness to light…”. All believers gather to say NOTHING to each other EVERY WEEK. This is gross corruption Mark. I bet those churches that are multiplying in Cuba don’t have a building or a hired Bible lecturer every Suinday. You don’t get it! You have great passion in your heart but you are pandering to a 1500 year old bubble of the traditions of men, rather than the Word of God. I"m not trying to be mean. I just delivering a message. I you don’t know what texts I’m talking about look up Acts 10, 1 Cor. 4, 1 Cor 9 (the whole chapter), 2 Thes 3; 2 Cor 11 and 2 Cor 12. You must interpret 1 Tim. 5:17,18 and the first half of 1 Cor. 9 to be consistent with all of these. They are not in convlct. They all agree. Hint: Double honor and muzzling and worthy of hire is not a full pay check. There is not text that teaches never working in the marketplace otherwise known as “full time ministry”. Every believers is to be a “full time minister”.

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