Millennials and the Bible

Many studies in recent years have indicated that Millennials are the generation with the fewest number of Jesus Followers of any previous generation.  But how has this well-documented turn-away from Christianity affected this generation's view of the Bible? Has their view of the Bible suffered along with their disinterest in the Christianity?

In a recent study among Millennials, conducted in partnership with the American Bible Society and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, the Barna Group sought to discover how Millennials' changing views of Christianity is affecting perceptions of the Bible.

The research clearly indicates that there is a lot of work to do to change the sometimes very negative view of the Bible by non-Christian millennials. Fully 60% have never read the Bible and 46% consider the Bible to be either dangerous (27%) or outdated and irrelevant (19%).

As the linked research states. "for non-Christian Millennials, the ‘brand' of the Bible is a negative one...The depth and range of these perceptions signal difficult challenges for younger adults who still believe in the Bible. As Bible skepticism increases in their generation, Christian Millennials will have to face those criticisms head on and wrestle with the implications for their own beliefs. Yet when it comes to the Bible—more than many other areas of their faith—Millennial Christians are starting off on comparatively solid ground."

One of the most interesting and encouraging findings is that the few non-Christian Millennials who started reading the Bible in the last year, did so "after seeing how Scripture changed someone they knew. This points again to the importance of developing meaningful relationships with Millennials and demonstrating a transformed life." There is simply no substitute for personal discipleship done in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Here is the link to the full report and research.


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On the whole,bathroom remodel minneapolis mn Millennials tend to be skeptical of absolutes, and anyone or anything claiming to be the authority on life and the world. Thus, they tend to be skeptical about the Bible. Only 9 percent of Millennials claim to read the Bible on a daily basis, and only 30 percent believe that the Old and New Testaments are the Word of God.

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Much has been made of the growing post-Christian sentiment among America’s youngest generation of adults. But how has this well-documented turn away from religion affected Millennials’ views of Christianity’s most sacred text? interior designer in auckland

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