This is an article from the November-December 2014 issue: The Fingerprints of God in Buddhism

That Man Who Came to Us

That Man Who Came to Us

This is a sample from a book illustrating the gospel in a Thai context. Through illustrations, the book answers these questions: What would it have looked like if Jesus was born in Thailand? And how can we communicate the gospel to Thais in a Thai way?

Chinnawong, Sawai, and DeNeui, Paul. 2010 That Man Who Came to UsPasadena: William Carey Library, 32, 33, 36, 80, 81, 84, 85.


It is unusual for anyone to seek out another at night unless it is desired to be kept secret. In the large picture, betel nut and condiments are laid out to welcome the guest even at the late hour. Nicodemus’s robe and bared shoulder show he is a religious devotee.


When Jesus raises a cup of water, the two followers suddenly recognize who he is. The water container in the front is northern Thai style. Water is drunk at the end of the meal in Thailand. Water is also a symbol of life.


Generally, Thai people keep bodies for three days before cremation. Those who die of unnatural causes are not cremated but buried. In some regions of Thailand, people tie the wrists of the dead together as shown. The scars of torture are still visible even after cleaning. In this drawing, flames symbolically protect the body from decay.


I have a copy of this book, but the comments are very elucidating. Is there a place where comments on all the pages of the book are available?

Dear Peter,
I believe the comments/explanations that we printed are found in the back of the book itself. The last few pages contain the explanations for the previous pages. Let me know if this does not answer your question. Enjoy!

Thank you Marie! I had forgotten those explanations were there.

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