This is an article from the January-February 2008 issue: God Cannot Lead you on the Basis of Information that you Do Not Have

Over 9,400 Days of Prayer… and Counting

Over 9,400 Days of Prayer… and Counting

On April 1, 1982 a radically new kind of publication was launched. Its purpose? To help families collecting loose change for frontier missions to pray daily for specific unreached people groups and to remind them daily of God’s heart for all peoples from God’s Word. Since its beginnings over 25 years ago, the Global Prayer Digest (first called the Daily Prayer Guide) has helped fuel over 9,400 days of prayer for the remaining 10,000 unreached people groups. As of January 1, 2008 that’s 9,407 days of prayer . . . and counting.

First published in English only, Spanish, Chinese, and Korean intercessors have long had editions in their languages. Currently the Spanish edition has the smallest monthly print run (some 3,000 total, printed separately in six countries!), followed by English (5,000), Chinese (16,000) and Korean (38,000). That’s 62,000 people using the printed versions alone.

However, in an Internet age, the print run tells only part of the story. Over 10,000 Spanish-speakers receive the Guia via daily e-mail—that’s more than use the Spanish and English print versions combined. (A message to [email protected] is all it takes to get the Guia by e-mail).
Web editions exist for English (, Chinese (, and Korean (, but not for Spanish. Intercessors using the English version have other options as well. Like Spanish speakers, you can get your daily prayer entries sent to you by e-mail. (Just send an email with no subject and no message to [email protected].) You can download them to your PDA (see for more info), even to your cell phone (see Finally, churches can expose their people to the GPD through monthly FrontierScan bulletin inserts.

This worldwide prayer movement for the unreached people groups is increasingly spanning the globe. Why not join us and be a part of that “and counting” group of intercessors? With so many ways to get the GPD, there’s bound to be one that fits your lifestyle.


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