This is an article from the March-April 1982 issue: Students and the Great Commission

Announcing the New Frontier

Announcing the New Frontier

Coming in May, a new format for this unique monthly booklet, focused on the final frontiers of the Gospel!

The Frontier Fellowship and the Daily Prayer Guide are moving ahead! Len Bartlotti, Coordinator of the Frontier Fellowship reports that he continues to receive word of new mission agencies and churches who are deciding to adopt this program as they seek to be more effective and involved with the frontier missions movement In keeping with increased demand for a daily source of information and inspiration, the Daily Prayer Guide Team has announced a new format for. upcoming issues.The Frontier Fellowship is a national prayer campaign focused on the final frontiers of the Gospel the Hidden Peoples. It seeks to involve one million Christians in a daily devotional discipline of prayer and saving "loose change."

This simple discipline, when shared by believers all over the country, will produce millions of moments of prayer and about $100 million per year for outreach to Hidden People groups. Believers are encouraged to use the Daily Prayer Guide to LEARN, PRAY, and SAVE daily, to GATHER monthly in local church Frontier Fellowship groups and to SHARE their frontier vision with others.

The LEARNING component of the booklet includes "Missions in the Bible", exciting true stories from history, profiles from Hidden People groups, potential breakthroughs to the Gospel frontiers, and the role of the local church in the task. Featured every day is a Bible passage emphasizing God's concern for the nations. Daily exposure to missions in

the Bible will certainly change hearts and lives! The addition of a map on the back of the Daily Prayer Guide provides a new visual way to stimulate our prayer focus.

John, editor of the Daily Prayer Guide points out that the new expanded daily write ups allow for more in depth information on Hidden People groups, exciting historical vignettes, and promising developments in the Frontier Missions movement In addition to the Bible passage in which we pursue God's heart for all nations, each day has one of the following items for PRAYER focus:

  1. Looking at some heroes of the faith, we can praise God for what He has done through His people in the past  models for which our own faith can be encouraged.
  2. The focus on Hidden People groups directs us in greater awareness as we pray for the "nations" of the world.3) By learning about the exciting thrusts in frontier missions today, we are guided to petition God for promising breakthroughs of advancing the Kingdom of God to "the uttermost parts of the earth."

Sunday is now a special day in the Prayer Guide that includes either an expanded Bible passage or an exciting look at the local church's role in frontier missions. The SAVING part of the program involves Christians saving their loose change in a jar each day for new work among Hidden Peoples. As we drop our change in the jar, we are reminded to pray. In this way, both action and prayer are combined in our response to the urgent need of taking the Gospel to the Hidden Peoples.

As each of us is stimulated by the Prayer Guide, SHARING is a natural outcome. In the biblical, historical and other information presented in the booklet, we have tools to share with others to encourage and stimulate them to become a part of the Frontier Fellowship movement.

The benefits for every person who becomes involved with reading and studying the Daily Prayer Guide are numerous. First, it provides the material for family activities such as dinnertable discussions, family devotions, bedtime reading and praying. It also provides a simple way to have a more disciplined prayer time for the cause of God's kingdom, as well as more disciplined learning and praying about still untouched groups of people throughout the world.

We believe this new look and format will help foster more intelligent and effective prayer as many learn more and share with others about the fascinating challenge of crossing the final frontiers of the Gospel.


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