This is an article from the December 1983 issue: Heroes on the Homefront Part 2

From the Director

From the Director

Dear faithful friends,

When I was in engineering school we didn't have hand calculators as students today have. And I still thought numbers were nice, clean, friendly!

But let me show you what a bit of arithmetic can do. A few minutes ago I felt like some great potentate being brought a rich prize by his servants. I was presented with a huge stack of 17 different editions of the January issue of the Frontier Fellowship daily prayer guide (now called Global Prayer Digest). For January the total printed is 32,000!

Arithmetic bombshell #1: If the 32,000 issues of the January guide are properly used (and at an average of 27 1/2 cents per day set aside as loose change)...

  • this will mean 32,000 people in January may be praying daily for 31 days - that's 972,000 prayer times!
  • this also will produce just in January alone $262,800 for Frontier Missions, (going to over 30 agencies which are now officially cooperating, as well as to many other organizations).

— that's $3 million a year, even assuming there is no growth in the campaign.

Arithmetic #2: Our other campaign to thrust mission vision out beyond its usual sphere in America is described on page 14. There you see listed over 400 unsung heroes and reference to over 4,000 people who have accepted the little kits with ten Founders invitations.

Result? In the last four months (see page 4) 12,556 brand new people have turned up with sufficient interest to give their one time $15 gift to help establish this Center. They will get things that will give them vision, too (see list on page 16). Say, some of your Christmas cards this year are people who would really like that kind of an, invitation. Why riot get a packet so you can join the 4,000 who have sent out 10 like that?


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