This is an article from the March 1984 issue: Revolution in Missions at Trinity

Let’s Go Forward

Let’s Go Forward

Jesus Christ: "My food is to do the will of God and to finish his work"  (John 4:34)

Can we now send out 40,000 missionaries to save 17,000 other nations?

We sent out 10 million as soldiers and sailors and airmen to ward oft any danger to our own country.

Now can we send 40,000 (1/250th of  10 million) in response to the Great Commission?

Is God Asking the Impossible?

As I travel around and talk to pastors and people all across she country, the question arises as to juts what God does expect us to do. My response: God does not ask us to do what we cannot do with His help.

The "JOB" necessary is perfectly possible for us to do. Below you see the overall picture in a nutshell. It is a big "JOB," but it is clearly within our capacities 10 accomplish, with His help.

Here is what is needed

To make significant contact wish 17,000 peoples around the world will take, say, four missionaries two couples or two Pairs of keen, willing poeple, dedicated to sharing their faith with a society that at this point has no internal witness, 00 warm believing fellowship which is part of their own group, native and indigenous to them. This is the one thing they most need. This is what a mission agency supplies as its bedrock accomplishment.

68,000 Missionaries?

That's right 17,000 x 4 68,000. Do they all have to come from the U.S.? Certainly not. Today 28,000 can come from the churches overseas that have already resulted from missionary efforts.

We are already sending about 65,000 from the U.S. Suppose we try to make sure that all present missionaries, wherever they are. devote more time than ever to assisting the national churches in further mobilizing their road mission outreach, and we plan to send 110.000 new missionaries out to join an additional 29,000 from the overseas churches. Third world churches already send something like 20,000. although few of them are working with specifically Hidden or Unreached Peoples.)

Does this Sound unreasonable?

How do we do it?

Step one right now may be to concentrate on securing and establishing the U.S. Center for World Mission in Pasadena. We hope you will consider that. Where else are people from 10 mission agencies huddled together at work on finishing the task of reaching these 11,000 remaining peoples?

The "Touch Ten" plan has been developed to establish the Center and to spread this vision. The plan has these virtues:

  • It focuses upon people who are not now really active in mission giving.
  • It wins them to deeper faith and brighter hope about Cod's plans for the world (see pages 6 and 7).

"Operation Seventy-two"

Just as Jesus sent out 72 of his disciples, two by two, we would like, as part of the "Touch Ten" plan, to send out all of our own staff across this country to help explain the vision of the Center and of the Hidden Peoples.

Beginning with churches within driving distance in southern California, we are going to reach out, develop skills in making presentations to small groups in homes and to larger groups gathered in churches.

We have several new audio visual oacks available. We are willing to meet with small groups, and in fact may he able to do more with small groups.

Our purpose is very simple' explain the "Touch Ten" program of vision outreach, and enlist those present both in employing a ten Invitation packet themselves and in inviting four other couples to their homes for a similar "Touch Ten" meeting.

Would you like to have one of our staff in your home? Whether you are near or far from us, we will make an earnest attempt to get there. Check the appropriate hox on the final page, tear off the page and mail it to us! Or phone us, night or day, seven days a week, at (818) 197 1111.

We'll be seeing you!


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