This is an article from the November-December 1981 issue: Finishing the Task

Introducing the Frontier Fellowship

Introducing the Frontier Fellowship

Hidden People Sunday Planning Kit

All materials necessary to plan and present a Hidden People Sunday in your church. Includes publicity, message suggestions, sample materials and handouts, etc. Ideal for introducing the Hidden People challenge to a congregation and launching the Frontier Fellowship campaign as a follow up.

The Frontier Fellowship: how to begin in your church

Additional copies of this informational brochure for church leaders, missions committees, Sunday School teachers. Helps introduce the Frontier Fellowship and facilitate church planning for new frontier outreach and concern for Hidden Peoples.

Frontier Fellowship brochure

This clearly written, attractive brochure gives the background of the Frontier Fellowship, and introduces the essential components and vision of the Frontier Fellowship campaign. A useful tool to help launch the Frontier Fellowship in your church. Order enough for each member, and keep a supply handy for visitors. Size: 9' x 16".

The plot

A humorously illustrated 24 page booklet challenging believers to help finish the Great Commission. Encourages readers to try out the practical daily prayer and "loose change" discipline. Especially designed to equip church members to share the frontier vision with friends, either by mail or in person, thus multiplying the impact of your Frontier Fellowship campaign.

  1. CHURCHES: One thousand new churches are born every week in the former mission lands of the world.
  2. BELIEVERS: Four out of five of the 56 largest (10 million plus) countries of the world have one million evangelicals or more in their population.
  3. COMMUNISTS: Communist party members are less than one third the number of evangelical Christians in the world today! (And half the party members are captives of a system they don't really believe in!)
  4. DECISIONS: The largest meeting of human beings in all human history has recently taken place in Korea, initiated, organized and financed entirely by "mission field" Christians! The first evening there were 700,000 decisions for Christ!
  5. AGENCIES: Thelargest meeting of mission leaders in human history  measured by the number of agencies sending delegates  recently took place in Scotland. And 57 (one¬third) of the 171 agencies participating were mission agencies born and rooted in Asia, Africa and Latin America. The meeting focused exclusively on frontiers
  6. FRONTIERS: 5,450 people groups, Biblical "nations," now have witnessing churches within them. Only 16,750 yet need to be reached, mainly smaller groups. The Bible requires a testimony to all these nations (Matt. 24:14). That goal is now truly possible by the year 2000, if the Lord tarries! These are the "final frontiers" of the gospel.
  7. A PLAN: Like the church providing this page, many congregations are experiencing an exciting renewal of hope and vision as some of their people participate in a new frontier¬focused daily devotional discipline that came from tribal Christians in Burma. Can you believe it? This may produce $100 million per year for Frontier Missions, through existing mission channels!

Want to know more about what is behind any of these statements? Write or call and ask, by number, for further information from:

The United States Center for World Mission
1605 Elizabeth Street
Pasadena, California 91104


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