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Called Together

New Site Connects Globally-Called Single Adults

Called Together

Single people have been crucial to the spread of the gospel historically.

In the Catholic era, the bulk of mission work was done by single men in missionary orders. In the post-Civil War era, thousands of American women, whose potential husbands had been killed in the war, trained and went as missionaries to distant lands. Fully one third of the Protestant missionaries in China and Korea were single women. Single women also proved to be highly effective, even in areas where men could not go, and women believers were instrumental in bringing transformation in these societies. 

Nevertheless, singleness is not the first choice for many hoping to serve God in some capacity that advances his kingdom on earth. Those working alone suffer significantly more from loneliness, feelings of isolation, and burnout. Historically to address this problem, single workers were usually either sent out in pairs, or even matched by sending agencies and married before leaving. Though helpful, it has always been difficult to find other singles of like mind and calling to team up with as partners, on teams, or to marry.

Today many single adults are looking for someone to serve with before making long-term commitments, and others are reluctantly giving up their calling in order to marry someone who has other concerns. Parents, mentors and agencies would often like to help but do not know how, so often singles feel abandoned to solve these problems by themselves.

The internet is an amazing tool that can be brought to bear on this age-old problem of providing the community which globally-called singles desire. It has the potential to help thousands of kingdom-minded singles find co-workers or partners to join with them in their endeavors. But until now a site has not been available that specifically seeks to serve this need enabling its members to search for others based on the things the Lord is calling them to do. 

On March 1, 2014, a new website,, was launched and is hoping to fill this gap and empower evangelical single adults to find others with their same burden or calling from the Lord—whether it be working with unreached people groups, walking with the poor, outreach through the arts or media, or many other specific callings. Each person who joins is encouraged to add a mentor of their own choice who can help them connect wisely with others on the site, and contribute to the discussion forums with godly insight. 

Because many today are working in sensitive locations, is committed to providing extra levels of security for members by having 3 levels of profiles with increasingly limited access. is offering agencies the opportunity of getting a 50% discount in perpetuity for their single members. At a meeting of a couple dozen mission CEOs in mid-February, many were excited to offer this opportunity to their single members. Those interested in connecting with other globally-called singles can sign on directly. Agencies interested in getting a discount for their members should contact Gerin St. Claire at [email protected]


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