Heroes on the Homefront Part 1

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From the Director Editorial

From the Director

Dear Friends,

Looking back to September 1st. We had reason to be:

  1. Depressed, because we fell so far short of our $6 million goal.
  2. Exhilarated, because we reached 10,230 new people in...
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Financial Update Other

Financial Update

Here are the remarkable statistics What could possibly have produced such a burst of additional Founders and gifts  One letter. On July 25th we 'railed out a single letter to all 28,000 on our...

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Why do you need a campus? Other

Why do you need a campus?

An Open Letter to USCWM Friends

What is the value of a campus? In a day in which American evangelicals are bombarded with building programs and property acquisition schemes, how do I tell you my thoughts about the USCWM campus...

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Heroes on the Homefront Feature

Heroes on the Homefront

Hero #1 Ruth

My Heart goes out to all those little boys and girls who are caught up in the excitement of the missionary challenge and are encouraged to give their lives to that cause even at an...

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Frontier Fellowship Other

Frontier Fellowship

  • In September. Len Bartlotti, Frontier Fellowship National Coordinator, and Ralph Winter. USCWM General Director, met with the Frontier Peoples Committee of the Interdenominational Foreign...
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This Month at USCWM Other

This Month at USCWM

World Christian Sponsors Concert-Events

On October 1 World Christian sought to communicate the vision of frontier missions through the contemporary means of an all day Concert-Event held in the...

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Letters Other


Dear Friends

I have prayed so much about the crisis faced by the mission center. .. Since its God's work it's His ultimate responsibility, but I certainly believe God allowed this to happen to...

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