This is an article from the October - November 1983 issue: Heroes on the Homefront Part 1

This Month at USCWM

This Month at USCWM

World Christian Sponsors Concert-Events

On October 1 World Christian sought to communicate the vision of frontier missions through the contemporary means of an all day Concert-Event held in the auditorium of William Carey International University. An independent evangelical magazine created to serve Christians who have a heart for the world, World Christian designed the Concert Event to attract committed Christian young people (between the ages of IS and 30) who lack awareness of the world's unreached and God's desire to reach them.

Called Catch the Passion of Christ,' the Concert-Event combined challenging speakers, seminars, and mission booths with contemporary Christian music for the targeted age group   music with words imparting the passion of Christ for the lost. As a contrasting alternative to the secular concerts many Christian young people attend, the Concert Event conveyed the knowledge of God's purposes both for the world and for their lives. Four seminars covered a wide range of topics in World Christian awareness, from "Lordship, Commitment, and Challenge" with Melody Green and 'Short terms  The First Step in a Life long Adventure' with John Dawton to "How to Keep Burning at Home" with Dave Dougherty and 'How to Revolutionize the World" With Greg Livingstone.

Although the audience, at 500 persons, was smaller than planned, the response was encouraging in terms of the day's impact on the participants. Representatives at the 20 different mission booths reported that students (whose ages averaged between It and 22) showed a keen interest in their materials and asked them probing questions about their experience. Over half of those attending responded to a questionnaire stating that they would be willing to consider serving Christ in another culture.

Only the first in a series of several World Christian Concert-Events nationwide, the Pasadena event was surpassed in attendance by the audience of 400 at the Chicago concert held a week later. The next concert was on November 5 at Messiah College in Grantham. Pennsylvania, Yet another event in planned for Seattle on January 28.

'Calebites' Multiply

Over ISO students (rots 101 campuses are now members of the Caleb Project, a fellowship of accountability in World Christian discipleship. 'Calebites" must sign and keep a pledge to follow specified disciplines, which include monthly reports and active sharing of their missions vision.

USCWM Strategy Institutes Continue Research

Research institutes at the LJSCWM continue to ferret out information on Hidden Peoples. For example, the Institute of Tribal Studies is currently preparing a people profile of the 80,000 Intha of Burma, The Institute of Chinese Studies has completed profiles on the working peoples and street peddlers of Taiwan. The newlyformed Institute for Latin American Studies is exploring the linguistic and cultural links between Latin and Muslim societies.

Exciting New Books Offered

William Carey Library has published six new books in the past four months: The Missionary Family, by Betty Jo Kenney; By Ones and By Twos: Single and Double Missionaries, by Jeannie Lockerbie; The Stranger Who is Among You, a guide to cross-cultural evangelism for local chuches, by James Duren and Rod Wilson; Melanesians and Missionaries, by Darrell Whiteman; 200 Rooms in the Inn, the story of Providence Mission Homes, by Mercedes Gribble; and Dr. Sa'eed of Iran, by Jay Rasooli. For Further descriptions and prices, see page 16.

"Chinese Awareness Seminar"
Offered by 3 Agencies

the Chinese World Mission Center (CWMC) has announced the availability of a "Chinese Awareness Seminar." The sight segment seminar, covering a Friday evening through Saturday period, is Intended for individuals and congregations wanting to become involved in evangelizing Chinese of China and other countries, CWMC has joined hands with the Pray for Chins Fellowship (of the Overseas Missionary Fellowship) and the Chinese Christian Mission in developing this seminar, patterned alter the popular "Muslim Awareness Seminar" of the Samuel Zwemer Institute.


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