This is an article from the October - November 1983 issue: Heroes on the Homefront Part 1

From the Director

From the Director

Dear Friends,

Looking back to September 1st. We had reason to be:

  1. Depressed, because we fell so far short of our $6 million goal.
  2. Exhilarated, because we reached 10,230 new people in only a few days, and in the process discovered a truly workable way of reaching thousands of others.
  3. Sobered, because we now recognize (much more graphically than ever before) the mountainous task of completing this 'Touch Ten' campaign to give missions vision to a million people.
  4. Grateful, because we did in fact skin by with the absolute legal minimum necessary to avoid losing the property  for the moment. And now we have at least the breathing space to go back to work at this campaign once more.

We do feel a bit like Jacob after the first seven years of labor.

And, God never guaranteed us an easy path.

Perhaps some kinds of miracles  those that are within our own power to accomplish  God is not always pleased to perform for us. (God could remove from young parents the burdens of caring for tiny infants)

Just knowing the high, holy purpose of our attempts to reach out with new vision and hope to thousands  tends to relieve the burden, does it not?

Reader, are you grey-haired?

I'll bet you are. If not, you are a rare person today. Everywhere I travel I notice in the churches that the grey haired people are about the only ones who are instinctively concerned about the cause of missions. Because of this, we rejoice that...

Two Stayed Home!

This issue and the next concentrate on the crucial home front. Think twice about this aspect of the mission challenge. I personally would venture that 1,000 Rob Malones are more urgently needed just now than 1,000 more missionaries. Why? They could generate 20,000 missionaries in the next five years. Tucker's amazing book may take 5,000 to the field... that's how important things like this are.

Where do you fit? Would you like to help spread the vision? Write to me directly. Scour this issue. There is much to be done besides save this campus.


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