This is an article from the January 1981 issue: The United States Center for World Mission

God’s Call to You

God’s Call to You

Christian, the need of Christless millions existing in cultures that have no church of their own is God's call to you. You have the only answer for their need.

They starve, you have Bread. They thirst, you have Water. They die, you have Life.

Will you let people die lost, when God has left you in the world to offer life?

"Rescue the captives from death... If you say, 'Look, this isn't our business,' won't He who weighs hearts consider it? And He who guards your life won't He know it, and won't He pay back everyone according to what he does?" (Prov. 24:11 12)

That Bible passage speaks bluntly to any of us believers who by living selfishly are sealing off from Christ's love peoples who could otherwise be reached.

The pursuit of personal blessings is widely popular among U.S. Christians today. We have scores of books and splendid seminars promoting self-enrichment. We are reminded repeatedly that God has unlimited good things for us free for the taking. But selfishness never serves God's purpose.

We must get in order to give. Your life does not belong to you, but to Jesus Christ. The Bible clearly explains that in 2 Cor.5:14 20.

It is simply tragic that most Christians settle for the seeming security of secular work instead of seeking a way to help directly in planting churches in cultures that have none. That goal is infinitely important.

Only a heartbeat separates each inhabitant of those peoples without Christ from eternal darkness. Would you do something to help save them if you could? I'm convinced that if you and others like you would step forward and fill the ranks of God's "full time army", the work of world evangelization would take a giant leap forward!

You se our great Commander knows exactly where He wants each soldier. But if you insist that "earning a living" is your first obligation, you are really not available to God. What is needed is not only missionaries overseas, but people to do backup jobs in the "service of supplies" here at home.

You say, "What could I do?"

Will you consider a two year term of service at this Center in Pasadena? This Center is a powerful force to help offer salvation to the neglected majority of our world's population. Yet the growth of our staff since we started more than three years ago has been slow.

Why? Is that what God wants? Don't you believe it! Disobedient Christians are the crux of the problem. Believers "at ease in Zion" are the bottleneck.

The Center is an open door for people willing to work full time for God. Job opportunities of many kinds are open. We are a missionary staff working in a wonderful enterprise led by missionaries. We raise our support from friends and churches who share our zeal to evangelize the world. You will find no other fulfillment in life to compare with that of working totally for God.

This Center also offers a plan to churches by which they seek a qualified couple or single person in their fellowship prepared to adventure for Christ in full time service here. Pastors and church leaders are tapping new human resources for world evangelization through this plan.

Christian, the condition of those peoples without a church of their kind is God's call to you. Their situation should produce a practical response from you. Your obedient example based squarely on the Bible can help transform the apathy which characterizes many Christians today. Contact us if you care.


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