This is an article from the February-March 1979 issue: Forward!

Mobilizing Churches

Mobilizing Churches

Where do you come in?

  • Suppose the Hidden Peoples of the world were precisely pinpointed, so that we knew every hidden group's location, language, and customs.
  • Suppose mission agencies were ready to go, to push forward "where the name of Christ has never yet been heard" (Romans 15:20,TLB).
  • Suppose a vast new student movement arose thousands of students eager to penetrate each of the 16,750 cultures still with no church or mission team.

Would any of those bold steps be able to bear fruit without a simultaneous new upsurge of interest in frontier missions among the churches of America? The stark reality of the 2.5 billion Hidden Peoples without Christ compels us to believe that at least a ml!lion evangelicals must come to a new awareness of the Hidden Peoples and the claim they make upon us. A vibrant grass roots movement of Christians who have discovered the Hidden Peoples will establish the powerful springboard necessary to reach those Peoples.

Obviously, our Mobilization department here in Pasadena cannot alone inform and inspire one million evangelicals! At this printing, we are only directly in touch with about 9500 people (you're probably one of those).

What we are doing is writing, drawing, printing, producing, taping, or filming anything we possibly can to help those who have the vision to share it. (See the opposite page: our arms full of good things for you!)

We pray these materials could be used in Bible studies or prayer meetings, in church services, Sunday Schools, informal desserts (maybe a Hidden People party like a Tupperware party!), or just one to one with friends.

We don't honestly know how the vision will spread. We are depending on, and praying for, a contagious movement of the Spirit of God in many, many hearts. We have seen that already happen in many cases one person lent his ONCE MORE AROUND JERICHO book to 40 people!

Could you think now of 3 people you could lend your JERICHO book to? (Write for one if you don't have it.) Or... are there materials on the opposite page which you could share with your friends, family, Bible Study, Sunday School, church? Just check those items on the tear off page, fold it up, send it to us and we'll rush the materials back.

Do you have other ideas for us? We're eager to do whatever is necessary to clarify the meaning of 16,750 groups of Hidden People with no church yet. That tragedy and challenge must become clear to a nation whose vast Christian resources could be unlocked for the final frontiers of the Great Commission. Will you help?


We are staggered and pleased that the Conservative Baptist Foreign Missions Society would assign to us Dr. Alan Gates, a veteran missionary to Taiwan and a China expert.

e had 350 Chinese here Sunday afternoon, Feb. 18th, to an Open House and reception, including a special display on the History of Christianity offered by the Government of Taiwan.

The Institute of Buddhist Studies is now in the making with its first full time co ordinator in place, Steve Thomas.

The U.S. Center for World Mission (including its many affiliates) has been invited to have a display at Urbana, '79, though we did not ask for the privilege.

NEWSFLASH: The USCWM was able to make the first half of the down payment on a 3 million dollar group of 84 houses within two blocks of the campus More on this later.


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