This is an article from the April 1986 issue: What About the Kids?

Global Prayer Digest Moving Forward Worldwide

Global Prayer Digest Moving Forward Worldwide

USCWM Monday, April 14.

The National Coordinating Office of the Frontier Fellowship reported today that the Australian Global Prayer Digest is going full tome." Patricia Durst, managing editor of the Digest, said that the Australian publisher is printing 1,000 copies of each issue, has a subscription base of 400 to 500, and is using the remainder for promotion.

Subscribers to the Australian GPD are scattered throughout Australasia, Thirst said.

Durst said that plans for customized Foursquare and Latin American (both Spanish and Portuguese) editions are 'moving forward."

The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod is using the April issue for promotion, and hopes to begin full production with the September issue.

In related news, Doug Smith, director of the Institute of Latin American Studies at the Center, gave the following report today:

"In the last nine months, speaking to every denominational leader in South America that! could (about the idea of Spanish and Portuguese editions of the Digest), I was amazed. Everyone said, 'Yes! By all means! Now!'

"They don't have money. But when speaking of a $6.25 annual subscription rate and publication through denominations (customized editions as available here in the United States)  I've seen a responsiveness in Latin America I've never seen before. If we have Spanish and Portuguese GPD's in place and already subscribed to in '86 and going into '87, by the time COMIBAM comes around at the end of '87, we have the infrastructure for a million subscribers each in both Spanish and Portuguese!"

For further information about the Australia GPD, write the publisher, Dr. Noel Johnston, ACMC Australia, 25

Eley Rd., Blackburn South. Victoria 3130, Australia Other editions, address Frontier Fellowship, do USCWM. Use the order form, inside back cover, to order your own subscription.

New Staff Responses

USCWM Friday, February 28.

Jim Nielsen, candidate coordinator at the U.S. Center for World Mission, told staff today, "If you keep praying, we won't be able to process all the candidates!" He called staff members' attention to a chart listing over 25 potential candidates who might be coming as early as June for the next Candidates' Training Program.

"The Personnel office is being kept very busy," he said. "Please pray that we can just keep on top of things. And pray, too, that these potential candidates will actually come!"

Nielsen announced on Monday that Center representatives at the Southern California Student Conference on World Evangelization had found "six good potential candidates for work at the Canter." Last Friday, two writers came to "check out the possibility" of working at the Center.

Following Nielsen's remarks, the Frontier Fellowship reported that, as a result of the "Pray for the Hidden Peoples" radio spots, over 100 people have requested sample copies of the Global Prayer Digest during the month of February.


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