What About the Kids?

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Dear Friends,

A moment ago I threw in the waste basket what I had written for this space a few days ago. I had likened the uncertain future of this huge center to the people strolling around on...

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Global Prayer Digest Moving Forward Worldwide Other

Global Prayer Digest Moving Forward Worldwide

USCWM Monday, April 14.

The National Coordinating Office of the Frontier Fellowship reported today that the Australian Global Prayer Digest is going full tome." Patricia Durst, managing editor of...

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Bright Hope for Tomorrow Other

Bright Hope for Tomorrow

Is it really possible for a team of people to serve the entire mission cause? Is it possible to serve mission agencies, denominations, and local churches as such as well as young people on college...

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The “Secret” Mission Other

The “Secret” Mission

A Theology of Redemption, Part III

We continue with the third part of an extended outline written by our director for the benefit of USCWM staff.

Winter does not want USCWM staff to think of themselves as merely part of a mission...

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AIMS Takes Aim Other

AIMS Takes Aim

Jim Ammerinan, head of Full Gospel Chaplaincy, a man whose research has been recognized by the Pentagon for apportioning chaplains in the armed forces, says there are SO. to 100,000 charismatic...

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Spiritual Warfare Other

Spiritual Warfare

One of the men here at the Center recently told me he felt sorry for me when it first came. "You didn't have any idea of the significance of the spiritual warfare going on around here," he said. He...

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“China Clippers” Aid in Research Other

“China Clippers” Aid in Research

Jim Ziervogel, director of the Institute of Chinese Studies (ICS), has gathered a group of people who help him locate information about China. His "China Clippers" hunt for articles that in some...

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What About the Kids? Other

What About the Kids?

"One of the most burning questions in the hearts and minds of virtually every couple who has ever considered missionary service is what they will do in the way of educating their children," said...

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Being an MK Has Advantages! Other

Being an MK Has Advantages!

Are MK's (Missionary Kids) an underprivileged group? A lot of people are afraid to serve in foreign countries because of what it could mean to their children.

Carol Richardson, former missionary...

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Mission Awareness Other

Mission Awareness

Church Assembly Declares Mission to Hindus a "Preposterous Idea"

Demonic influence among unreached peoples is not always the cause of their failure to hear or respond to the gospel.


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