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Your Part in the Victory

Why is the U.S. Center for World Mission buying a 17-acre campus?

Because it is a key strategy for penetrating over half the human race for Christ.

Two and onehalf billion "Hidden People" live in 16,750 cultural and political groups around the world. They are beyond the range of church or mission churchplanting plans.

The USCWM campus is being developed to house research and strategy institutes to assist mission agencies. Media facilities are being set up. Missionsperspective courses are being offered. The campus can serve up to 1,000 new students each semester.

Here are suggestions of how you can help complete this victory:

  1. Tell your friends about the Center, leading them to a personal World Christian decision. 1e11 all who make this decision that they can help found the Center by sending a onetime gift of $15.95. They will receive in return a book, a mission poster, and this monthly bulletin.
  2. Arrange a dinner, or talk to a Sunday School class or Bible Study group. Arrange for your church to sponser a World Awareness Seminar for an evening.
  3. Arrange for a showing of the film "Penetrating the Last Frontiers", narrated by Pat Boone,
  4. Tell students and others about the two credit-bearing opportunities: IIS and SllS.
  5. Provide furniture, utensils, dishes, etc. for the Campus.
  6. Become a parttime or fulltime volunteer.
  7. Consider joining staff, or encourage others to do so

Dave Bliss, U.S.Center affiliate was in South Africa last month. He carried a copy of the chart, "Penetrating the Last Frontiers."

In Randburg, South Africa, while Dave and Herbert Beerens were enroute to an adult Sunday School class taught by the latter, Dave showed him the chart. His response was to invite Dave to explain the chart to the class. An hour was spent discussing the information showing the effectiveness of missions across the years yet presenting vast people groups still unpenetrated by the Gospel.

Afterward professor Beerens asked to borrow the chart. A few days later he told Dave of his experience when he presented the chart to his seminary students. Their reaction? Conviction. stunned were the students with the facts of the unfinished task that on the spot they formed a Missions Committee

Dave observed the interesting fact that even at an evangelical seminary which considered itself to have a firm "commitment to missions," vital data became a catalyst which caused action.

When in the U.S. later. Dave had a similar experience in a church in Vermont. There he stated publicly, "More people alive today are 'unreached' than when Paul began his missionary journeys."

A psychiatrist in the class immediately wrote a note to Dave with the challenging question, "Do you have the facts to back up that statement?"

That afternoon Dave visited the man and used information from the chart to document his previous statement. Since then the church has resurrected a long dormant Missions Committee.

The church was not content to stay in a posture of nonmissions emphasis when faced with realities based on available data showing vast human needs.

The above fourcolor 1 8"x24" chart is available for $1 from USCWM.


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