This is an article from the January-February 2011 issue: Discipleship Revolution

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Your Guide to This Issue

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p. 5: Free Book offer: Submit Your Request

p. 13: More about T4T: The print version of this MF lacked proper documentation that the T4T article was adapted from an upcoming book by Steve Smith (with Ying Kai): T4T: A Discipleship Re-Revolution (WIGTake Resources, 2011) from [email protected]. For ordering information, or to learn more about T4T, visit

p. 15: Robby Butler's booklet detailing 34 lessons learned from Dr. Ralph Winter. Your local printer may be able to turn this PDF into a booklet for $.25 or less each. Download the PDF.

p. 17: The expanded MF interview of Jim Downing (25 min) is available in both video and audio. A two minute video is also available of Jim Downing describing his first meeting with Dawson Trotman.

p. 18 Jim Downing's article on Knowing God Personally can be found here.

p. 19 Dawson Trotman’s original audio message (50 min) is featured at the Navigator discipleship library. Also available is Jim Downing’s reorganization of the transcript of Daws’ message, complete with a suggested format for a half-day training seminar. See also Dawson counsels John Crawford (2 min).

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Potential Future Themes

We welcome your thoughts regarding future themes, both suggestions and feedback regarding current possibilities:

  • Reaching Oral Peoples
  • Highly Effective Church Mobilization
  • Best Practices in Short Term Missions
  • What Discipling a People Means in the Domains of Society
  • Pursuing People Movements among Muslims
  • Best Practices is Mission Giving
  • Kingdom Investing amidst Economic Uncertainties
  • Supporting Local Initiative
  • Progress in Tracking Progress
  • Best Practices for Senders


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