This is an article from the March-April 2009 issue: U.S. Center for World Mission

William Carey International University

William Carey International University

Are you a senior pastor, or a missions pastor? Are you on the missions committee at your church and you are wondering how to raise missions awareness and involvement in your congregation? Are you a leader in a missions agency? Perhaps you see a few key leaders in your congregation or agency who would get more involved in the missions cause if only they had a way to receive the right missions education and gain the right tools for the field. William Carey International University, a project of the U.S. Center for World Mission in Pasadena, California, is ready to partner with mission agencies and mission-minded congregations to train world Christian leaders. WCIU uses the innovative World Christian Foundations Curriculum in its Masters of Arts in International Development program. The curriculum is taken at a distance while a person works with a non-governmental organization. However, this is not distance-education in isolation; instead, each student works face-to-face with a personal mentor who guides the student through the distinct, chronological, and integrated curriculum. Read what senior editor Ralph Winter says about the usefulness and effectiveness of the World Christian Foundations curriculum:

It is a 32 (M.A.) semester-unit program. This extensive curriculum employs 120 textbooks, which constitute a marvelous basic library, plus additional “Readers,” which encompass over 1,000 additional chapters and articles from other books and journals. All of this is orchestrated in 320 carefully engineered, four-hour study sessions and is designed for part-time, individual study over a period of two years. This curriculum can be the foundation for a Ph.D. but is more likely going to be a platform for serious Christian service, combining as it does the content of a seminary degree as well as much more than that in the complex picture of global Christian mission. For more information, visit

Why not encourage the leaders in your mission agency or church to take up the role of a mentor and begin coaching an up and coming leader? Perhaps your agency’s or congregation’s leaders can gather a group of students willing to study together and receive their MA all while continuing to work in your ministry. Contact us today to inquire on how to begin training effective leaders for the glory of God.


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