This is an article from the January-February 2015 issue: The Power of Honor

Quick Guide to Honor/Shame Dynamics in the Bible

Quick Guide to Honor/Shame Dynamics in the Bible

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Patronage from the ancient world bred great corruption into the church by way of those that embraced the evil dynamics of honor/shame. The Latin Rite was written by a Roman Senator, Gregory the Great. He and many of his contemporaries, also of high ranking Latin families are the very ones that manufactured what we call the Roman Catholic Church. They bred the Chrch Militant and the Church Triumphant. They had no regard for law, hence neither guilt or innocence. Hundreds of millions have died in their sins due to their distortions. To such as they, no one was a relevant believer who did not show homage to their status, homage proved by learning, ” repeat after me “.
Many rural priests were illiterate in Latin, so they were sometimes given a piece of parchment with illustrations and the correct phrases. The above graphics reminded me of how their script looked as soon as I saw it.

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