This is an article from the July 1980 issue: China

Lots of Good Things!

Lots of Good Things!

The $3 Million... YES!

We praise God that He enabled us to safeguard the $3 million we spoke of last issue. Further on I'll explain just how we made the necessary down payment on the "second half" of the campus. This action now doubles and completes the campus. This additional property, worth $6 million, was available until July 15th for half that price, and our down payment thus saved us $3 million.

What does this mean?

It means that God has entrusted us with a 17 acre campus and now an additional 85 residential properties (within two blocks) that balance out the facilities on campus. This makes a single 35 acre complex, an exciting, versatile and potentially the most effective nerve center in the world focused on the final frontiers of the Christian mission.

Other Centers too

Yet of course this center in Pasadena will be aided and accompanied in the global challenge by other sister centers around the world, each of them functioning not as mission agencies but as centers to make more visible the world's Hidden Peoples. Right now we are in constant touch with 39 entities that are in some way or another collaboratinq with BILL BRIGHT AND BILLY GRAHAM.

Our. extremity was God's opportunity. As we approached the expiration of opportunity July 15th to secure the additional property, first Bill Bright and then Billy Graham stepped forward to accept a certain degree of responsibility for our success.

Bill Bright phoned June 30th. He sent Larry Poland down from Arrowhead Springs (Campus Crusade headquarters) on July 3rd to meet with a select group of our people for several hours. Money is very tight for Campus Crusade International as they are in the completion stage of their 1980 world wide campaign. They expect to show their JESUS film to at least 200 million Asians between now and Dec. 31st. But we have not asked them for money. They will shortly decide how they can best help us.

Billy Graham has also offered to help. He phoned July 7th and invited Dr. Winter to be the speaker for two weeks in a row on his "Hour of Decision" broadcast which goes to 750 radio stations and is heard by more than a million people. We did not ask for this nor for any financial aid. This was entirely Billy's idea. Our book, ONCE MORE AROUND JERICHO will be sent free to all Hour of Decision listeners who ask for it during the month of Aug. (Write for a cassette containing both broadcasts, $3.50 postpaid.)

Those other payments

Next issue a more complete financial report. Space here only allows us to say that we expect by the time you get this to be completely caught up. Thanks be to God!

Property Management team needed

Increased blessings always bring increased responsibilities. We seek now 10 to 12 full time people who can manage and maintain all those properties. It seems to us more reasonable to assemble this team ourselves, to create the company, so to speak, than to try to locate a commercial company that would in turn sub contract out a great deal of jobs at high rates. If you know anyone who would seem to fit in such a team, please let us know.


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