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China Feature


As the door to China cracks open, a clearer picture of Jesus' Church there and the job we have yet to do is beginning to come into focus.

Three members of the USCWM's Institute of Chinese...

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Lots of Good Things! Other

Lots of Good Things!

The $3 Million... YES!

We praise God that He enabled us to safeguard the $3 million we spoke of last issue. Further on I'll explain just how we made the necessary down payment on the "second...

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YWAM Other


Training Youth for Missions

Is it possible for a young man or woman with a sketchy knowledge of a language to make a difference for Jesus white in a foreign country for just a few months?

Duff Rowden, of Youth With A...

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Where do we stand Other

Where do we stand

We are clearly into Orbit:

  1. Over $1 million worth of key workers are now on loan to us: 140 people from 40 different mission agencies. Imagine! In just 36 months. We seek to "place for...
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Missions in the Bible Other

Missions in the Bible

These three major sections of the Old Testament each resulted from the special pressures God brought upon the chosen nation.

Not only these historical writings but the Poetic and Prophetic...

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Team Play Other

Team Play

How many oceans must be crossed before a person is involved in Christ's Great Commission? World evangelization encompasses far more than praying, giving, and going. Exploring the concepts of...

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