This is an article from the March-April 1997 issue: Countdown to AD2000

Kids Korner

Kids Korner


KID TO KID--Would you like to host a no-cost VBS project kit that features ministry to Russian kids which takes only about 12 minutes and, at the same time, provides Bibles and flannelgraphs that will help Russian Sunday School teachers clearly give the Gospel to Russian children? If your VBS is all planned, this missions project will still fit right in, or adapt it for Sunday School use. It includes a 5-part radio-style drama on cassette tape, coloring pages with English and Russian Scriptures, sing-along cassette tape, project sheets with instructions helping your VBS keep track of funds raised to send flannelgraphs and Bibles to Russia. For a free KID TO KID kit, call Larry Pauley at 1-800-BIBLE-50. Groups using this kit have been greatly blessed. It is produced by Slavic Gospel Association.

Monarch Publishing again has two GREAT NEW Window books: Window To Israel and Window To France. You can teach children to pray for the Muslims in France. Many come from Africa and include Bambaras, Berbers, Malinkes, Soninkes, Tuaregs, and Wolofs. Asian Buddhists and animists are also in France and include Cambodians, Chinese, Hmong- Lao, Tamil, and Vietnamese. Each book is $7.95 retail, and may be ordered by calling (320) 983-2398. GOOD NEWS -- Monarch now has e- mail also: <[email protected]>

Great News! An International Consultation on Children's Ministry will be facilitated at the Global Consultation on World Evangelization (GCOWE '97) conference June 30 - July 5 in Pretoria, So. Africa. In spite of short notice for invitations, they hope to have at least 100 international children's leaders there. PLEASE PRAY for this event to impact church leaders in every country to help fulfill the goal of "a church for every people and the gospel for every person by the year 2000." ,

"Praying Through The Window III" is now available. The calendar format is similar to last year's, focusing on one people group per day with basic information. In addition there are four one-page mini- lessons, each focusing on a child from a different people group, together with a large illustration of a child. Contact the Christian Information Network at (719) 522-1040 or E-mail: <73422. [email protected]>.

Children's Missions Resource Center 1605 Elizabeth Street Pasadena CA 91104 Ph. 818-398-2233 E-mail: <[email protected]>


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