This is an article from the July-August 1997 issue: The Southern Baptist “Transformation”

Kids Korner

Kids Korner

Greetings! As always, new materials for missions teaching are becoming available. Check these out:

**The following four are available from Bethany House Publishers. Call toll free to order: 1-800-328-6109. - A New Trailblazer book focuses on an Auca child’s view of the slaying of the five missionaries in Ecuador. The Fate Of The Yellow Woodbee; Nate Saint, features Niwa, a young Auca boy, who is present when pilot Nate Saint and the four other members of his mission team start making contact with the tribe. For ages 8-13. There are 22 Trailblazer books in all, available at a bookstore, or from Bethany House. $5.99.

- Also New is Hero Tales, Vol. 2. A second collection of exciting, educational stories taken from the lives of 15 Christians who have made a lasting impact for Christ. Includes Jim Elliot, Corrie ten Boom, John Newton, Dietrich Bonhoffer, and Florence Nightingale. This and all Trailblazer books are by Dave and Neta Jackson. Also for ages 8-up. $12.99.

- Two new books in the Ruby Slippers School Series: Journey To Japan and New Zealand Shake-up. In the first one, Hope and Annie spend a day in a Japanese classroom and make friends with Midori and Yoko. The other book takes Hope and Annie to a sheep farm in New Zealand. Also for ages 8-13. Both are $3.99.

** Where is there a city (area) that has about 600 Buddhist temples, contains about 15,000 peoples per square mile, has mostly Chinese people, but also Filipino, Indian, Japanese, Malaysians, Americans, and British, and just lost its independence? Bev Gundersen has written a New, very informative Window To Hong Kong.

Other new New titles (call for shipping fees):

- Window To Haiti (Window Series) $7.95

- Animist Factivities (Factivities Series), $6.95. Call or e-mail: Monarch Publishing, 245 Second Ave NE, Milaca MN 56353-1601. Ph 320-983-2398. E-mail: <[email protected]> ** Three great New books for pre-schoolers are Bush Station Boys and Down African Roads (both about Africa); and All Kinds Of Families. Order from WMU/New Hope (Birmingham AL). Call 1-800-968-7301.

For CMRC regular Newsletter or brochures/order forms, write or call:

Children’s Missions Resource Center 1605 Elizabeth Street Pasadena CA 91104 USA Ph. 626-398-2233 (NEW area code) E-mail: <[email protected]>


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