This is an article from the April 1981 issue: Who Really Killed Chet Bitterman?



Advanced IIS

This short term overseas training program, associated with the USCWM, under the direction of Bruce Graham, is open to those who have completed the Institute for International Studies program at William Carey International University.

A second team of students left for India on March 4. As before, they will make their headquarters at the Bethel Agricultural Fellowship in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu during their six month stay.

Team members include Jerry and Marilyn Hogshead, Rich and Mary Jo Robison with their three children, Tim Brenda, Brian Moore, and Richard Slimbach.

They will work alongside the Friends Missionary Prayer Band, India's largest indigenous missionary society founded by Dr. Samuel Kamaleson of World Vision International.

ILE: Mission to Indian Leaders

International Leadership Enterprises (ILE) has been formed through the efforts of Jitendra "Jay" Gupta, an Indian from New Delhi, to bring Christ to Hindu people by reaching the influential leaders, businessmen, and professionals of his native land with the Gospel of Christ.

Gupta points out that most of today's missionary endeavors in India are concentrated on the lower socio economic strata of society. There exists very little outreach to influential leaders and professionals.

ILE will bring Christian businessmen and professionals from North America and India to be involved in seminars and business ministries as well as share the message of new life in Christ.

ILE is formed as a new division of International Students, Inc., and Team Ventures International of Canada.

Wycliffe to honor "Uncle Cam"

W. Cameron Townsend, founder of Wyciffe Bible Translators (and of Era III of modern missions, see Mission Frontiers, February, 1981) will be honored at the "Golden Jubilee" May 9 in the Anaheim, California convention Center. This year marks fifty years since the completion of the Cakchiquel New Testament, and the beginning of the Wyciffe Bible Translators dream to see the Word of God in the tongue of every person.

Involved in the program are Billy Graham, Al Sanders, George Beverly Shea, Otis Skillings, and of course. "Uncle Cam."

Prayer Guide for Zwemer Institute

"A Call to Prayer," new monthly prayer sheet published by Samuel Zwemer Institute for the concerns of the Muslimoriented ministry is available from SZI at Box 365, Altadena, CA 91001.

Frontier Fellowship

The response has been very positive to the announcement of the "Loose Change Frontier Fellowship" in a recent mailing from the USCWM, and in the March Mission Frontiers.

Watch next month's Mission Frontiers for more details of the revolutionary plan to tap millions of dollars for the frontiers of world mission.

Remember the Hidden Peoples! Radio Program to Spotlight Hidden Peoples

The U.S. Center for World Mission is initiating a weekday radio series in the Los Angeles area beginning in April.

The fifteen minute program, to be aired Monday through Friday mornings from 8:15 to 8:30 on KERT, AM 740, will include interviews with mission leaders, a daily spotlight on a Hidden People group, and other features.


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