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Joshua Project 2000 is Reborn as Joshua Project II

Joshua Project 2000 is Reborn as Joshua Project II

The mission of Joshua Project II is to highlight the peoples of the world who have the least exposure to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Joshua Project II seeks to accomplish this through information
sharing and networking.

Mission Frontiers proclaimed the launch of Joshua Project 2000 in November of 1995. Now we announce the birth of Joshua Project II with the expanded focus on reaching all of the unreached peoples regardless of size.

Joshua Project 2000 was an amazing success with hundreds of people groups receiving church-planting teams and new fellowships for the first time. Through the efforts of Joshua Project 2000, an increasingly accurate body of data on the unreached peoples was developed and continually updated and expanded from thousands of sources around the world. Many mission leaders expressed concern that this momentum would be lost if there was not a new focused effort to continue the data refinement and highlighting of the least-reached peoples of the world. Joshua Project II is a continuation and expansion of the original Joshua Project initiative. It is an effort to highlight all the least-reached peoples of the world and to help build ministry networks and partnerships to focus on these peoples. The Joshua Project II team is made up of four former AD2000 and Beyond Movement staff that helped manage the original Joshua Project. For 2001, Joshua Project II is a joint initiative of Caleb Project and the International Christian Technologists Association (ICTA).

The mission of Joshua Project II is threefold. First, to gather, manage and distribute strategic population, progress indicator and ministry activity infor­mation to maximize the visibility of the least-reached peoples to the Church.

Second, to be a least-reached peoples networking resource to the Christian mission community. Third, to enhance the flow of information between Great Commission organizations by using standardized data coding.

Current Objectives

  1. To conduct a global ministry activity survey requesting permis­sion to transfer and update existing AD2000 and Beyond data as well as gather new statistical and ministry activity data on smaller people groups.
  2. To provide an initial comprehen­sive list of the world’s ethno­cultural peoples and to track a small number of status indicators for each group including percent/ number of Evangelicals, percent/ number of Christian adherents, church growth and mission agency progress indicators. The ongoing maintenance of this all peoples list will be done in cooperation with the International Missions Board-SBC and the Harvest Information System.
  3. To provide least-reached peoples information products and services to the Body of Christ including web, printed and CD delivery of data in various database and text formats.
  4. To provide a collection and contact point for least-reached peoples statusing and work-among information. To actively use this information to promote network­ing and partnerships focusing on least-reached peoples. To promote the flow of strategic ministry activity information between individuals, churches, denomina­tions and mission agencies.
  5. To support mission information standardization efforts such as the Harvest Information System and other information sharing initiatives.

Joshua Project II Products and Services

Joshua Project II is gathering and sharing information to help maximize the advance of the Gospel among the least-reached peoples of the world. The following products and services are available:

  1. Downloadable database format people group lists and segments of the original Joshua Project least-reached peoples list and the Joshua Project II “all peoples” list. In the near future Joshua Project plans to have online interactively queryable databases and a comprehensive least-reached peoples list.
  2. Formatted reports of various lists and segments of peoples lists and complete people group listings for every country in the world.
  3. Basic profiles of the least-reached peoples including status, ministry tools available, links to related web-sites and ministry activity summaries.
  4. Standardized mission information set for people group data built using Harvest Information System codes and categories.
  5. Non-secure ministry activity and contact information for contacts focusing on specific people groups. This information is provided upon request and within specific security guidelines. Please contact Joshua Project II for further information.
  6. CD-Rom and paper versions of any of the above materials to those in the Two-Thirds World where Internet connection charges are prohibitive or if there are other special circumstances.

How Can You Help?

Joshua Project II cannot achieve their ambitious goals without your help. Here are some ways that you can be involved.

1. Join Joshua Project II as an on-site long-term volunteer or staff. Several are needed to assist with the Joshua Project II survey and information management includ­ing an administrative assistant, web programmer and database developer. 2. Give financially to support their efforts. 3. Pray specifically for the needs of Joshua Project II. 4. Participate in the Joshua Project II survey and register your least-reached peoples activity/commitment at the Joshua Project website or contact them at the address below. Wherever you are in the world, Joshua Project needs the information you have on the peoples you know.

E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 1-719-785-0120
Fax: 1-719-785-0117
Mail: Joshua Project II

P.O. Box 64080
Colorado Springs, CO 80962-4080
United States


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