This is an article from the November-December 2010 issue: Going Radical

Global Network of Centers for World Mission

Global Network of Centers for World Mission

A Center for World Mission (CWM) exists to serve the Body of Christ as a catalyst for the cause of world evangelization with the emphasis on the least-reached peoples.

A CWM seeks to fill gaps not being filled by others in order to advance the Kingdom of God.

A CWM serves churches, mission agencies, associations and others in a number of the following ways, as a:

  1. Mobilization Center that seeks to activate, educate and facilitate strategic involvement of the Church in world mission.
  2. Training Center that equips and prepares believers for cross-cultural service, and/or offers specialized training in specific areas.
  3. Resource Center that conducts research, produces and makes available a wide range of mission materials.
  4. Development Center that initiates and encourages the formation of structures and/or networks for missions.

We expect the various Centers to have different histories, to have different organizational structures and links, to have different missiological perspectives, and to emphasize different tasks. We welcome this diversity.

These Centers relate together through the Global Network of Centers for World Mission.


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