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A New Forward Thrust for World Missions

A New Forward Thrust for World Missions

Renewal of missionary interest in America is the objective of the Mission Mobilization Division of USCWM. Mission Mobilization has set out to recruit one million World Christians.

Other objectives are a million prayer warriors and a 50% increase in giving to evangelical mission agencies and churches.

Dedicated personnel will assist participating organizations.

Churches all over the country have expressed interest in our help for the purpose of developing their missions program.

We would like to see the Lord raise up several thousand newmission workers in the next 5 years. Many countries, like China, formerly closed to missions, are undergoing tremendous changes which may result in new efforts for evangelization.

Welcome to a new forward thrust in the great commission of Jesus Christ.

Missionary Aids

High quality, overhead 'transparencies can now be ordered from the USCWM. Titles include charts of the unfinished task; map outlines, illustrated Scriptures, hymns and choruses.

These aids are part of the doityourself World Awareness Seminars. They can be ordered at the remarkably low price of $2 for color or $1 for black and white.

The First Athens Congress On World Missions

Why do people call Paul a missionary? He didn't learn a foreign language or go to a foreign country. What precisely did Paul do that justifies centuries of Christian commitment to him as a missionary example? What is a missionary today in Paul's perspective?

Come, travel in Paul's footsteps and find out!

You are invited to attend a unique missions congress in Athens. The dates are August 1523 1979. Th First Athens Congress on World

Missions has been designed for all individuals deeply concerned

about the effectiveness of missions We are going back to the source where it all began  to retrace the steps of the Apostle Paul.

General sessions at the Acropolis, addressed by foremost church and missionary leaders, will be supplemented by visits and studies at many of the first missionary sites of the first century.

This trip affords a valuable opportunity to pastors and layman to obtain a renewed missionary burden. Participants from all over the country try will be involved. However, the number will be limited to the first 3000 registrants.

A partial list of speakers and sponsoring committee includes Bill Bright, Richard Halverson, Don Hamilton, Cameron Townsend, Carl F Henry, Clyde Taylor, Torrey Johnson, Tom Skinner, Harold Lindsell, Harold Ockenga, Owen Cooper, Ben Armstrong, Maxey Jarman, Waldron Scott, Jack Hayford. Paul Smith, Hal Guffey, Ralph Winter.

For tour and program information, write to the United States Center for World Mission, 1605 E. Elizabeth Street, Pasadena, CA 91104.


Dr. Ralph Winter early stated a vital purpose of the United States Center for World Mission when he said, "Let's rush out to the churches with our arms full of good things."

A new USCWM catalog is in preparation to fulfill that goal. Being assembled by David Cashin, the catalog describes and offers services, speakers, features, publications, and resource information in the world of missions.

Catalog structure will reflect organizational divisions of the Center: Strategy, Mobilization, Training, Services, Personnel. Pictures and biographical sketches are included.

Churches and mission agencies will find the publication a valuable resource for awakening missionary concern.

Of particular interest is the film "Penetrating the Last Frontiers". Having logged 2000 showings worldwide, this film has proved to be one of our best tools to renew concern for the 2.5 billion hidden people.


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