Lausanne II

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Editorial Comment Editorial

Editorial Comment

Dear fellow believer in the completion of the task,

Everyone knows our PURPOSE. Not everyone knows our unusual METHOD. Our purpose is to wave a flag for the unreached peoples. Our method is to...

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At the Center Other

At the Center

Phil Renick, mission director for the Association of Christian Schools International, recently visited the Center to emphasize the drastic need for mission education curricula in Christian schools....

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After Lausanne II Other

After Lausanne II

What Now?

Mission Frontiers made a random sampling of several Lausanne II participants. What follows are a few of their candid viewpoints on “What difference will it make?”

Trickle–Down Value?


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Unreached Peoples Other

Unreached Peoples

Recent Developments in the Concept

Amazing developments have taken place in the last 15 years since the first Lausanne congress in Switzerland, in 1974. We have begun to see, for example, that we cannot merely focus upon the winning...

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The North American Campaign Other

The North American Campaign

The European Theater. The Pusan Perimeter. The Mekong Sweep.

War has always titled its grand maneuvers. And, according to U.S. Center for World Mission Mobilization chairman Wesley Tullis, the spiritual world war raging over the globe's 12,000 unreached...

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What is a Religious Order? Other

What is a Religious Order?

A Reference Document of the Worldwide Discipleship Association

Down through history organizations other than local congregations have served crucial purposes within the church of Jesus Christ. For many years the U.S. government did not recognize Protestant...

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Prophecy At Manila Other

Prophecy At Manila

In 1974 at Lausanne I, it was made clear to the church that there were over two billion people in thousands of unreached groups that had no witnessing church among them. A strong mandate was given...

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