This is an article from the January-March 1999 issue: Women and Missions

Women Missionaries Hold Key to Reaching Muslim Communities

Women Missionaries Hold Key to Reaching Muslim Communities

More women missionaries are needed to help play a crucial role in taking the Gospel to the largest unreached people groups in the world. They are better placed to have an impact in some Islamic communities than men, say organizers of the 30 Days Muslim Prayer Focus.

Although most Muslim women are isolated from the outside world, they are key figures of influence in their families according to the prayer guide.

The guide spotlights women as one issue of concern, estimating that one in four of the world's three billion women is Muslim. "Three quarters live under restrictive governments where they are separated from access to education, health care services and basic human rights."

Although illiteracy among Muslim women is as high as 90 percent in some countries, there are opportunities to present the Gospel through television, radio and audio tapes. "A visit to a Muslim home will often find a group of women enjoying American daytime TV dramas and soap operas," says the guide.

"While there is an increasing number of Muslim women pursuing studies and employment, the majority remain isolated from outside contact and hidden within their homes... Particularly being separated from male contact, the mobilization of women missionaries is vital."

Such efforts need not be limited to overseas workers, though. Christian women can reach out to those in the growing Muslim communities across the Western world. "It may take several months for friendships to be formed and for a sincere acceptance, as strangers--particularly Westerners--may be treated with suspicion and caution."

The 30 Days Muslim prayer focus is an annual event which was launched by Youth With A Mission in 1992 to mobilize prayer for Muslims during Ramadan, an Islamic holy season typically occurring around December 20 to January 18.


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