This is an article from the March 1984 issue: Revolution in Missions at Trinity

Why The ‘Touch Ten’ Vision?

Why The ‘Touch Ten’ Vision?

Spread the VISION. That's the primary goal of the "Touch Ten" campaign: to help people who are currently aware of and interested in frontier missions to each touch ten friends with vision and hope for reaching the unreached peoples of the world.'Touch Ten" also invites American Christians to halo found the USCWM.

But Touch Ten is not primarily a fund raising campaign!

Far, far more important to us than funding the USCWM campus Is finding a million people who are willing to he informed about and to become actively involved in the frontier missions enterprise on a continuing basis.The "Touch Ten" brochure, or "invitation," introduces its readers not only to the Center. but aIso to a world of VISION and HOPE that can give then an exciting sense of Cod's global purpose.

You can he an instrument in God's hand as you tell your friends and acquaintances, your pastor or church missions committee about the Hidden Peoples and about the U S. Center for World Mission, the largest nerve censer for missions ever created.

You can play a strategic role in telling a potential missionary about the world's largest cooperative resource and training center for missions.


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