This is an article from the March-April 2009 issue: U.S. Center for World Mission

The Future of Mission Frontiers

We Need Your Help

The Future of Mission Frontiers

For the last 30 years Mission Frontiers has been providing its readers with cutting-edge insights and information that have spurred the growth of the frontier missions movement worldwide. It has enabled missionaries to discover and apply some of the most effective strategies and tools in their efforts to bring the gospel of the Kingdom to every tribe and tongue.

If Mission Frontiers is to continue this record of achievement, we will need your help. We cannot do it alone. The more who join with us, the more successful we will be.

A Word about Finances

The thousands of Christian leaders overseas that we wish to impact with vision and insight often cannot afford to cover the costs of sending MF to them. We need the financial help of the people who enjoy receiving MF. We would like to send MF to more Christian leaders who need it, but the funds are not available.

We do not require a yearly subscription but depend on the generous gifts of those who believe in what we are doing. This is similar to most churches who do not charge a fee each Sunday to people who attend but depend on their ministry partners for their income. We do not want money to stand in the way of people catching the vision of reaching the unreached peoples.

There are practical stewardship reasons as well. Most publications use fulfillment houses to keep track of subscriptions and funds that come in. For a publication of our size they would charge us around $6 to handle each subscriber. With the average cost of $3 to send MF to each reader, we could send MF to two additional people with that $6 of extra cost. We don’t believe this would be good stewardship of our resources. As a result, we would like to try another approach.

Can you sacrifice just $15 a month or $180 a year to keep MF going out to 60 Christian leaders around the world? It is quite common for people to set up automatic bill pay from their checking account to those missionaries and organizations that they wish to support. We are asking that you consider doing that for Mission Frontiers.

We are looking for 1,500 of our 95,000 readers to join our support team with a monthly donation of $15 a month. You can pay three different ways: One, if you enjoy writing checks and would like to send in a one-time donation of $180 or a monthly check for $15, please do so. Two, the convenience of automatic bill pay. Through your bank’s bill pay system have your funds sent to: Mission Frontiers, 1605 Elizabeth St., Pasadena CA 91104. Three, you may also go online to and click on the donate button to give. We will let you know in each issue how we are doing. Thank you for your support.


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