This is an article from the January-February 2008 issue: God Cannot Lead you on the Basis of Information that you Do Not Have

Our Amazing God

Our Amazing God

I remember flying back from Asia a few years ago. I’d been at a global-level gathering and met with some amazing people God has used. Flying home, I thought, “Wow, I get paid to do this! People give money so I can fly around the world and network with believers from all over the globe.”
Of course, I don’t get paid much, and like most missionaries on our USCWM staff, we trust in the Lord to develop the team of churches and people who support us. I also don’t really like long flights. But I was on a “high” from meeting people like:

  • Francis from Kenya, who, in 1982, picked up a Perspectives on the World Christian Movement book in a bookstore in Nairobi, read it, and caught a vision for reaching Muslims in Africa. He then established a sending agency that now has about 40 Africans sensitively reaching out.
  • The brother from Laos, who came to the Lord (that too is an amazing story), was discipled and trained, now with a Ph.D. and running both pastoral training on the border of Laos and an elementary school with 800 children K-8, paid for by the government of that neighboring country.
  • Danny from the U.S. who’d been a missionary in Columbia for some 25 years, (the governor of the province where he worked, whom he knew as a friend, is now the president of Columbia). Now Danny is working in Africa, learning French and opening new fields by serving the people, both African and missionaries.

The USCWM is an amazing place to serve the Lord. As you read in this issue of Mission Frontiers about a few of the ministries here, I hope you sensed some of that amazingness (we like to make up new words too!).

The USCWM is an amazing place to keep in touch with some of what God is doing globally; it is amazing in its struggles—yes, we are human; and amazing in the opportunities or potential. We don’t have the space to include all of the USCWM ministries. For example, the Joshua Project II seeks to track with the peoples of the world:

For those of you who are citizens of the U.S., perhaps you are interested in joining us or connecting more directly with some of our staff or to volunteer where you are. As I mentioned above, our staff seek to develop a team of churches and people who support their ministry as a part of the team that is the USCWM.

  • If you want to join us, we will show you how to do this with joy!
  • If you want to help support our staff, let me know if you’d like to become part of the team of a staff member from your part of the country, or in a certain ministry.
  • Perhaps you want to send a gift to our special, “Staff-in-Need” account, which helps with special needs.

Let me know how you want to be involved, [email protected]


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