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Organizations and Coaches to Help You Pursue 4x4 Movement Starts

Organizations and Coaches to Help You Pursue 4x4 Movement Starts

These organizations and coaches have indicated involvement in developing multiple lineages of multiplying generations, as the foundation for producing full church-planting movements:

e3 Partners Ministry is a church planting ministry integrating 4x4 best practices into its US and international ministry. e3 provides 4x4 / T4T training in different formats. It hosts e3 US Expeditions, which combine 4 or 5 day T4T training with practice doing outreach. e3 also conducts 2 day T4T trainings. Get info or registration at under the “Go” and “Training” tabs.

e3 Partners also facilitates the 50-5-50 Network. It’s goal is to develop 50 4x4 trainers within 5 years (by 2017) in the 50 largest US cities (2,500 total trainers), all focused on reaching UUPGs and UPGs now living in the US. Get more info and join the network at

For more information, email [email protected], or call (214) 440-1136.


New Water Ministries provides a variety of training options.

Immersion will teach you how to be, and how to make, multiplying disciples and immediately have the skills and confidence to begin multiplying simple churches.

Overflow will teach you how to work with primarily oral learners, those who can’t, won’t, or don’t read. We equip you to bring the Bible to life for such people.

Wave will teach you to work with networks of simple churches and how to manage ongoing leadership training.

Kairos is an adaptation of the Perspectives course.

Refresh will teach you community transformation, equipping you to go into a community and teach them about drip irrigation, food, health, and disciple making.

Curtis Sergeant: [email protected] or (214) 802-6850 


Act Beyond joins with Great Commission Christians (GCCs), churches, and ministries across the globe to equip, send and support Strategy Teams who prayerfully and strategically serve among Unreached People Groups(UPGs). We stimulate transformational Church Planting Movements(CPM) among UPGs, as well as help other GCCs to catalyze movements to Christ among UPGs.

Teams follow the Holy Spirit across the globe to create and implement strategies that are intentional in their focus on stimulating a CPM. These strategies require massive prayer focus and living out the Gospel abundantly in word and deed. The results transform individual lives and communities.

[email protected]

Watch our 8-minute video about Church Planting Movements:

Dacey Hodges, Director of Recruiting (469) 814-8232

Office: (469) 814-8222 or

            (888) 847-6950 


Global Church Movements (Campus Crusade for Christ Southeast Asia) exists to expand God’s Kingdom among the 679 unreached peoples of Southeast Asia by building movements of sustainable, multiplying churches.  Our staff are both initiating these movements and helping to mobilize and train others who have a heart for reaching the unreached places of SE Asia.  As we work with the Body of Christ, we are trusting God to raise up 500,000 multiplying churches so that every people group in Southeast Asia will be engaged with a movement plan by 2020.

We can offer training and would also like to collaborate with others who have a similar vision and calling.

[email protected]


Presbyterian Frontier Fellowship mobilizes Presbyterians for frontier mission involvement.  This includes encouraging them to support training in various places that seeks to facilitate and encourage 4x4 Movements.  PFF seeks out such training opportunities and channels funds to their support.


[email protected]


Action–SCM provides training and mentoring for Sustainable Church Multiplication.

We travel in 20+ countries to mentor new “churches planting churches,” anywhere hosts will gather small clusters of 20. Our curriculum is NT action verbs, and produces disciples making disciples. By God’s grace many new “chains of churches” have been birthed. Our trainers have experience in harvest fields around the globe: western Honduras; Equatorial New Guinea; Bulgaria and Uganda.

[email protected]


OC International serves partners to help them be more effective in discipling nations (1 Co 4:2; Mt 28:19–20).

Multiplication of godly Christian leaders and healthy reproducing fellowships is one of our core values. Thus we have been actively involved in facilitating church-planting and/or disciple-making movements for many years.

Contextual research, training and coaching church planters, and networks of ministries committed to multi-generational church planting have resulted in tens of thousands of Christ centered communities among Muslim, Hindu and Roman Catholic religious blocks.

[email protected]



The LK10 Community aims to fulfill the Great Commission the way Jesus did.  That is, by producing a vibrant family of Jesus (i.e. house church) within easy reach of everyone in every people group and region.  Following Jesus’ instructions, we relentlessly

•   pray the Lk 10:2b Prayer,

•   look for God-prepared people of peace,

•   impart the “virus” of the Kingdom in those homes, and

•   invite the leaders (spiritual moms and dads) into a “community of practice.”

The heart of our discipleship program can be conveyed in nine words:  “Listen, obey and teach others to do the same.”

Contact John White at [email protected]


Missional Challenge helps you Live the Mission by making disciples who make disciples who make disciples. Here are some ways we can serve you:

•   Discover principles and learn skills that enable you to make reproducing disciples that lead to 4x4 Movements.

Contact us about The Multiplication Workshop, our virtual Disciple Making Movement Café, or the Cultivating Missional Movements Workshop.

•   Define and accomplish your disciple-making goals.

Contact us about individual and group coaching for Disciple Making Movement practitioners, team leaders and catalysts.

•   Discern growth areas in your disciple formation.

Contact us about our Disciple Assessment, and discipleship guides.


Dr. R. Bruce Carlton trains and coaches individuals and organizations. Has been involved in church-planting/disciple-making movements for 20+ years, including several in Asia. Has trained church planters and cross-cultural workers on six continents; several of whom have catalyzed church-planting movements among previously unreached people groups.

[email protected]

@GlobalBruce (Twitter)


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