This is an article from the February 1981 issue: Three Men, Three Eras



Bibles Hand Carried to China

Since the Bible is not an illegal book in the Peoples Republic of China (PRC), it is not a question of "smuggling" scriptures into the country. The Pocket Testament League points out that it is not wise to hide the scriptures in luggage or one's person. From time to time, border officials stop "unreasonable quantities" from entering into the country.

The League suggests that 20 or so scripture portions and a few New Testaments or Bibles, taken in as "thank you" gifts for those you meet in China, are not usually questioned. Once in China, it is best to give the booklets to acquaintances on a quiet one to one basis, rather than scattered indiscriminately about. The Pocket Testament League is offering small Gospels of John in a parallel English/Chinese version to those traveling to mainland China. The League encourages people to prayerfully consider when and how to share the scripture portions with Chinese people who have been denied the Gospel openly for over 30 years.

Europe Gears Up

The Europe Hidden People Study Group (EHPSG) which emerged from Edinburgh '80 is convening a Consultation on Hidden Peoples, May 6 7 in Germany. Over 40 mission leaders and representatives of the LCWE, WEF, and European Evangelical Alliances have been invited, according to Teo J. Van der Weele of the Netherlands.


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