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New Tools and Resources from Joshua Project

New Tools and Resources from Joshua Project

A Revised Progress Scale

Joshua Project is a research initiative of the U.S. Center for World Mission, seeking to highlight the ethnic people groups of the world with the fewest followers of Christ. In an effort to continue to focus on the unfinished task and highlight the unreached, Joshua Project has revised its progress scale. For simplicity and clarity, we have moved from a four-color to a three-color scale. The new colors (represented here in Mission Frontiers by shades of gray) are:

Red = Unreached / Least-Reached
Yellow = Formative/Nominal church
Green = Established / Significant church

These three colors are used throughout the Joshua Project website to indicate the level of reachedness for people groups, people clusters and countries.  Clicking the progress scale color block anywhere on the Joshua Project website brings up a description of all levels. A summary of all progress levels and a revised progress level world map are available.  Click a progress level for a listing of people groups at that level, and then drill down to a specific people group for detailed statistics, photo, map, text and links.

Online New Testament in 400 Languages

Did you know you can listen to the New Testament online in 400 different languages? Faith Comes By Hearing has developed an impressive online audio player that can be embedded in most websites. Joshua Project is a test site for this New Testament player. For a list of languages with an online New Testament audio player, go to Click on the speaker icon to listen to any book and chapter of the New Testament in a particular language. You can also select another language from within the audio player itself. Just think: because of Faith Comes by Hearing’s efforts, the entire New Testament is available online at no cost in the primary language of nearly four out of every five people in the world, and new languages are becoming available all the time.

Daily Unreached People Email

Do you enjoy the daily newspaper (or at least the Sunday edition) delivered to your home? What if you could get an unreached people profile in your in-box every morning or every Sunday morning? Joshua Project offers a daily email featuring the Unreached People of the Day with a photo, map, text, prayer items and basic statistics. Sign up here. Join thousands of others praying for the same unreached people group each day. Joshua Project works in conjunction with the Global Prayer Digest to feature the same people group on the same day where possible. Sign up for both today!

Signs of the Times PowerPoint

Joshua Project now offers a new PowerPoint called “Signs of the Times.” It gives an overview of some of the biblical signs that will characterize the end times. In addition, this PowerPoint provides an overview of some of the major positive and negative trends in global missions today. It is a visionary tool for small groups, churches, mission conferences, denominations and mission agencies. This PowerPoint and other Great Commission presentations are available here.

Unreached People Prayer Cards

Need an unreached people prayer reminder? Check out the Unreached People Prayer cards here. Prayer cards are available in English, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese and in a variety of sets such as by region, by religious bloc, the 100 largest unreached or the unreached of the day. They are in PDF format—eight different cards per sheet. Print them out on cardstock, and use them as prayer reminders or share them with others to help spread vision for the unreached. Joshua Project can also generate custom sets such as for a specific country or for a single people group.

Please contact Joshua Project for more details on any of these resources. We also are very interested in feedback regarding new features and user-friendliness of the Joshua Project website.

Unreached People Information on your iPhone

A volunteer team has been working on a Joshua Project application that will allow iPhone users to view unreached peoples and strategic mission information right on their mobile phones. The application is now in beta-test. Watch the Joshua Project website for details!


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