This is an article from the February 1983 issue: Dr. Lawrence Keyes

New Developments, Ideas Featured in EMIS Publications

New Developments, Ideas Featured in EMIS Publications

Fast breaking developments in world missions, as well as new ideas in mission strategy and tactics, are made accessible to missionaries, students, church and mission leaders, scholars and lay leaders by Evangelical Missions Information Service, now in its 19th year of ministry.

Every week a newsletter goes out from the Wheaton office. Mission executives and professors count on it as their source of reliable, up to date information. Twice a month PULSE lands on their desks with in depth reports around the world. Each issue focuses on a specific part of the world  Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America  or on a specific outreach to the Chinese and Muslims.

These reports cover missionary activity, innovations in ministry, problems, and breakthroughs, as well as international political, social and economic news that affects Christ's global cause.

Why do these missions thinkers and activists depend on PULSE? Here's what they say:

"It gives me information and perspective."

"It keeps up with current developments. It has a concise, rapidly read format."

"It is sort of my 'Kiplinger Letter' for missions. It keeps me abreast of far reaching mission developments."

"Almost always inside information, not PR stories."

"The exchange of ideas with depth."

"The case studies illustrate some principle or philosophy of ministry."

"It's up to date. Things that are happening now in missions/church in different world areas."

To go along with the PULSE reports, Evangelical Missions Information Service produces another twicei month newsletter, called MISSIONARY NEWS SERVICE. This is a digest of what mission agencies are doing. When world news impinges n the church and missions overseas, MINIS gives a capsule notice of this, so readers can be informed and can pray more immediately and more intelligently.

Leading missions thinkers the world over have contributed articles to EVANGELICAL MISSIONS QUARTERLY, the third publication of Evangelical Missions Information Service. Recent issues have included articles by Donald McGavran, J. Robertson McQuilkin, James Plueddemann, C. Peter Wagner, Lawrence Keyes, Charles Kraft, Phil Parshalt, Lois Mckinney, Ronald Blue, John Gration, Clyde Cook, and Ralph Winter.

These articles deal with pertinent, practical subjects covering the whole range of missionary life, thought, and practice. New ideas and research are included, as well as down to earth subjects like writing a prayer letter. Missionaries report significant breakthroughs and progress in evangelism, education., literature, medicine, discipleship, and church planting.

Each quarter's issue also includes a wrap up of important world news affecting church and missions. Book reviews summarize and evaluate what is being published in mission work. The editor, Jim Reapsome, comments on issues and problems in mission work. He has been the editor since the magazine's inception in 1964. He is also the executive director of Evangelical Missions Information Service.

Readers of Mission Frontiers have a vital interest in mission trends and the progress of the gospel worldwide. These EMIS publications can meet a real need intheir missions information and intercession. They can be ordered through the Missions Frontiers Book Service (back page)


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