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Mobilizing Students

Mobilizing Students

"Time out!" is the call of the football team that needs to re-think and plan a new strategy for winning the game. "Time out!" is the plea of the busy mother who needs to replenish her inner resources to meet the needs of her household. "Time out!" is the cry of the university student who is feeling the pressure to do something worthwhile with his life in a changing, unpredictable world.

There is no person alive today who does not need at some time to take time out time to align himself with something that is higher and greater than himself.

Is it too bold to say that without this perspective a Christian might lose himself in concerns too small for the God he serves? We think not. A "time out" could be important for any Christian ¬in any walk of life to ensure that his life is eternally counting for all it could.

The Institute of International Studies (HS) is just such a brief and unique "time out" period for any Christian. Month long or full semester, in house or by correspondence the course is flexible enough to be fit into most any schedule.

For students, IIS offers college credit that transfers into any secular university, giving units in Philosophy , Anthropology, Sociology, and Geography. For nonstudents, who do not desire credit, IIS offers the courses at halfprice. For the working person who can't stay for a quarter or semester, (IS has a special onemonth course, which is offered almost any month of the year.

Four courses together unfold the full panorama of God's worldwide redemptive purposes. One course searches out God's message and plan for world redemption that is woven throughout Scripture.

Another walks through history with an eye to discovering the ongoing fulfullment of the Church's commission for world wide expansion. A third course carries one from culture to culture across the world to observe how the Gospel has and will uniquely touch each one with new vitality, fulfillment, and purpose. The fourth course confronts the crucial questions:

At this point in history,where do I fit into the march of God's kingdom in the world? No matter where God has placed me in life, how can I make a significant contribution to the completion of the task Jesus gave us?

What Christian adult could not use this kind of "time out" perspective to find out how he figures into the big picture? For the student or recent graduate time to listen deeply to discover God's will for the life ahead of them. For the adult already placed in a job time to consider quietly the avenues available (and there are many!) to significantly affect the global Christian course.

A life changing course filled with men and women who have worked intimately with peoples stretching from high caste Hindus to the tribes of Irian Jaya wrapped in a strong sense of fellowship and prayer among students and faculty fully accredited & acceptable at even secular colleges. a life-changing course for you!

This morning I was a junior at Caltech
NOW... I've withdrawn for the quarter to attend IIS!
-Tom McCobe, IIS student

About 1.2 million evangelical students are currently attending secular colleges. It is with astonishment and joy that many discover they can now invest one semester or quarter (llS offers both) to seriously investigate, under Christian professors.. God's purposes in their lives.

Recently reported in the Christian College Consortium bulletin,the IIS program is thus the first of many planned "mini Christian Colleges" offering a new chance for the Christian in secular college to immerse himself briefly but completely in the Scriptures, prayer, and world perspective. YET. .all courses have been transferred into secular colleges across the nation. No time or money is lost!

A Student Speaks

I graduated from college last May and, as many college seniors do, began to ponder, "What would God have me do?" I soon discovered a bewildering thicket of possibilities without a distinct path in its midst.

In the quiet places of prayer a silent change began which eventually led me to the September US classes; a curious place for me to be, as I did not even know our Lord's Great Commission!

Sitting at the feet of my professors, discussing with my fellow students, and experiencing the exposure of the U.S. Center for World Mission wrought a sudden change in my life. Questions which had tugged at my soul regarding missions were

answered and I found that missions are not the dull topic we may think! What a joy it was to discover an entirely new aspect of God, our missionary God. I sensed the dynamic and beauty of the challenge the Great commission places before every person, young or old. I came to understand that God Himself is infinitely more involved in missions than we could imagine; He is a God in search of man. As a result I've gained new vision and purpose for the path ahead. 1 recommend the IlS program to anyone who desires to gain God's perspective of our vast planet and her peoples. "And I know of no university education that means more to a man than to sit at the feet of the missionaries." John R. Mott, 1901. E

Called to California

From Annapolis, Maryland, Lee and April Holthaus and family joined our staff June 25, 1978. Just two months prior, Dr Clyde Taylor(World Relief Commission & advisor to USCWM) had called Lee about the need for an Administrator in this new Christian work. Lee was impressed by the immediate need, but more importantly, by the enormity of the task they were setting out to accomplish. What a challenge.

After much prayer and counsel with Dr. Taylor and others, all agreed that God had well prepared the Holthauses for this

new ministry: A 20 year Naval career had included world travel, diplomatic liasons, budgeting, cross cultural identification and personnel management. April's skills in public relations and graphics rounded out the team.

The decision was made; a traumatic move was begun involving selling a home, packing for storage, uprooting two teens, leaving behind loved ones, family and possessions held dear. But God went before and opened (and is still opening) doors to His treasures they had never dreamed of.

Since coming to the USCWM campus, Lee and April have continued to be stretched by the complexity of setting up a 17 acre campus where students can effectively learn. The buildings needed repair, furnishings were nonexistent, a food service was needed (after repairs to the cafeteria) classrooms, dorm rooms (no beds, chairs, tables or heat!), offices, catalogs, bookstore...

On another level, finances were set up, authorization from the government for a new university was initiated, students were sought, and funding was needed until the students fill the campus Lee's beginning staff: 3* people (including April and son Chris)!

Meanwhile, the homefront needed attending: a new home to find and set up, new schools, an active 4 year old, Andrea, to watch and, of course, finding support from interested Christians for the work of the Holthauses.

Somehow in the strength of God, many "impossible" challenges were met. Some are on going (full support has not yet come in, for example). Yet, Lee and April are confident they, too, will be met. We at USCWM praise God for Lee and April's willingness to see through the challenges and "stand in the gap" at this crucial point in USCWM history.


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