This is an article from the February 1980 issue: Campus Enters Critical Period

Mission Agencies Endorse International Student Consultation

Mission Agencies Endorse International Student Consultation

The Pasadena Convening Committee for the World Consultation on Frontier Missions, under the leadership of Larry Aliman, general director of Gospel Recordings, Int. , has recognized the need for an international student consultation on frontier missions. The committee, responding to a proposal generated by a group of IIS students, took official action stating that it "recognized the advantage of a simultaneous and complementary consulation which would provide an international forum where students committed to frontier missions may consult with each other within the context of the World Consultation on Frontier Missions, concerning the principles, goals, resources, and implementation of a global movement which would call forth and develop student volunteers who would share the responsibility for the Hidden People of the world."

The students will retain the same focus as the agency consultation: the Hidden People, which the Convening Committee has detined as "those cultural and (ethnic) linguistic sub groups, urban and rural, for whom there is yet no indigenous community of believing Christians able to evangelize their own peoples".

The criteria for student attendance will be twofold: 1) the signing of a declaration of purpose; and 2) the provision of one's own finances. Administrative offices will be based in South Africa (see article, page ), while a Pasadena liaison will provide proper interfacing between both consultations.


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