This is an article from the July-September 1999 issue: Winds of Renewal

MF Behind the Scenes

MF Behind the Scenes

Mission Frontiers Gets a New Web Site

After many months of planning and work, Mission Frontiers has its own web site, complete with articles covering the last five years. Eventually it will have all of the timeless articles ever written for Mission Frontiers. Below is a listing of just a few of the things that you can do when you set your web browser to


You can:

  • See an introduction to Mission Frontiers and its latest issue.
  • Read about the staff that puts MF together. Ever wonder where Dr. Winter got his degrees? Now you can find out.
  • Order extra copies of MF for your students, pastors, missions committee or friends.
  • Change your address online.
  • Send us a letters for the editor telling us how much you love or hate an article.
  • Locate hundreds of articles on many different subjects from 1994 to the present.
  • Download articles that you would like to read offline.
  • Link to hundreds of mission resources and mission agencies.
  • Locate what you need to get involved in the frontier mission movement.

The new Mission Frontiers web site, along with that of the U.S. Center and its other ministries will be downloaded and placed on a new CD-ROM being produced by the AD2000 and Beyond Movement. This new CD will contain a treasure chest of mission resources from many organizations and will be sold along with the new book on Praying Through the Window IV that YWAM is now in the process of producing. It is expected that over 50,000 copies of this book and CD will be sold as we approach this October 1999 global prayer event. Pray that God will use this opportunity to spread a passion for the unreached peoples. Be on the lookout for this book and CD in the coming months. And do check out the new MF web site at Let u.s know what you think. We will be continually improving and upgrading this site as time goes on. Your suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

The New Perspectives Revision

In this issue of Mission Frontiers we feature two articles on pages 20 and 30 from the latest edition of the book, Perspectives on the World Christian Movement. This 782-page whopper of a book, with 124 chapters is the finest single guide to the world of missions today. The book is hot off the press with 60 new or extensively revised articles. It is well worth the reading whether you have taken the Perspectives course and read the previous editions or not. I encourage you to order your copy of the new Perspectives book now from William Carey Library using the order form on page 49 or call 1-800- MISSION. The item number is WCL289-1 and it's available for just $21.00.

We Need Your Help!

For years now, covering the costs of this global publication has been one of the greatest challenges that we have faced. We have begun accepting advertising, but it will probably never cover more than 50 percent of our costs. In the past, we have asked for larger gifts to help cover the costs of people, such as missionaries or students, who value this publication but are unable to pay for it.

We are continually working to spread the vision of frontier missions to those who would be interested, if only they knew about our ministry. But we are financially limited in how much we can do.

We could ask people to pay for just their own subscriptions, but the cost of managing the subscriptions and sending out renewal notices would literally double the cost of producing Mission Frontiers. Dr. Winter and I have always felt that this was too high a price to pay and not a good use of the Lord's money.

We believe that the best way to pay for the cost of the magazine is for those who believe in this publication to send in a gift to cover their own subscription as well as paying a little extra to spread the vision of frontier missions to those of influence who need to hear our message.

Dr. Winter has compared requiring subscriptions to charging people to go to church. We don't charge the unconverted to go to church because we do not want money to be an obstacle to them coming to Christ. Rather, we expect the believers to support the ministry and outreach of the church to the unconverted. Likewise we are asking you, our readers who have been converted to the vision of reaching unreached peoples, to support our outreach to those Christians who have not yet come to an understanding or full acceptance of the merits of our frontier mission vision.

As a result, we are asking you and all of our other readers who believe in the value of this publication to send in a donation to cover the cost of your own subscription and enough extra to help reach others with the vision of reaching unreached peoples.

A donation of just $15 a year will cover your subscription and six other people, $30 will cover you and 14 other people. $60 will cover you and 29 other people. I think you get the idea. We hope that there will be some of you who will still help us with a gift of $142 to cover 70 other people. Please don't expect everyone else to do this. We need you to send what you can. You can mail us your check made out to Mission Frontiers or you may send us a donation by credit card by faxing your credit card information to us at 626-398-2263 with a note that it is for Mission Frontiers.

With your help we can impact the world with the vision of reaching the unreached peoples.


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