This is an article from the January-February 1996 issue: The USCWM is Charting a New Course

MF Behind the Scenes

The Frontier Mission Movement Marches Forward at the USCWM

MF Behind the Scenes

In recent issues we have been pleased to report on the successes of the AD2000 and Beyond Movement as it is mobilizing thousands of ministries and millions of people with a vision to reach the unreached peoples. Recently, the AD2000 and Beyond Movement launched their new five year program called Joshua Project 2000 at a gathering of 262 global Christian leaders in Colorado Springs. We report on this launch starting on page 40.

The tremendous success of the vision of "a church for every people" which we have been promoting for many years has prompted us to re- evaluate the areas of ministry that we should be giving greater emphasis. We have always felt that God has called us to focus on those areas of ministry with the highest strategic value which others are unwilling or unable to do.

Now that so many other ministries have joined us in the frontier missions movement, we have identified some exciting new areas of ministry that we feel could be of great strategic importance in the overall effort to see a church for every people and the gospel for every person become a reality by the year 2000. Read carefully the article by our executive director, Greg Parsons, starting on page 17 which describes the new course we are taking. For even greater detail read Dr. Winter's editorial and charts which start on pages 4 and 11. We need you and your church to be an active partner with us in these new efforts. We trust that as you read this issue of MF, that you will find these opportunities as exciting as we do and that you will be eager to join us in the task that lies ahead.

Paying for Mission Frontiers

Of all the problems that we face in producing Mission Frontiers, the problem of paying for it seems to be the most intractable. This last year we only received around 200 gifts of $140 or more. This was down from the almost 500 gifts we received the year before. These 200 gifts only covered around 15% of our expenses last year. As a result, our ability to spread the vision of unreached peoples to Christian leaders overseas has been seriously hampered. We have only been able to send MF to just 20% of those on our foreign list. We continue to encourage everyone overseas to either send in $13.50 for an air mail subscription or to subscribe to MF by electronic mail. But either option may be too expensive for many important Christian leaders overseas.

We need many more of you who enjoy receiving this magazine to partner with us in the cost of sending it to you. If just 1,214 groups of 70 sent in $145.74, that would cover all of our US expenses. See page 32. If just 10% of our mailing list were to send in $20, that would cover all of our expenses. Please consider helping us this year to reach out with the vision that is changing our world.

Keep Up With the Latest Missions Information Online

The number of subscribers to Mission Frontiers Online currently stands at over 600 Christian leaders. MF is available in electronic form on a new missions oriented e-mail network called Brigada. In addition to the articles from Mission Frontiers we now have a weekly missions update that is only available to the online subscribers.

In addition to Mission Frontiers, Brigada has many e-mail conferences that can help you get actively and strategically involved in reaching the unreached peoples. There is a world of opportunities waiting for you. I encourage you to subscribe today. See the box below for more details.


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