This is an article from the April-May 1979 issue: The Great Roadblock

Meet the Director’s Wife

Meet the Director’s Wife

My husband, Dr. Ralph Winter, left last night for Korea, where he is speaking at a major missions conference--the first of its kind-which pulls together the leaders of all the denominations there. The Korean Church is ready to take its place as one of the major missionsending countries in the world. Isn't that exciting?

You will notice that this issue stresses students. Consequently we have asked two of our younger staff to write the two major articles. The first, "A Church for Every People... 'is by Brad Gilt, formerly of Boston. Although only 27, Brad is our Personnel Director. He was one of those early Institute of International Studies students at the time when it was only a summer program in Wheaton, Illinois. There he met Beth, his wife (our oldest daughter) and became a firebrand for frontier missions, as you can see in his article.

The second article, "Facing the Facts.." is by David Bliss. Like Beth and Brad, Dave and Debbie are mentioned repeatedly in my Jericho book because they played such an important part in our early development as a Center. A recent graduate of Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, Dave is already a member of African Enterprise. He, his wife Debbie, and daughter Sarah, are currently in South Africa with African Enterprise. There is a real possibility that AE will loan Dave and Debbie to the USCWM for two years starting in September. Two of the concerns that are foremost in their thoughts are: 1) to isolate and describe the "hidden peoples" of Africa, and 2) to challenge the students of this generation to take seriously the completion of the Great Commission. It is their prayer that the Holy Spirit will generate a new student missions movement.

Mission executives come through the Center every week and express amazement at the excitement and dedication of our Institute of International Studies students. And

they are great! But when they see these young staff members, almost all graduates of the same program but now bearing tremendous responsibilities, they can hardly contain themselves. We can see why! God has touched these young staff in a very special way. All are restless to get to the field, yet feel that the path of obedience for them just now leads right where they are. Pray that God will use them to inspire thousands of other young people to go with them to seek for those "Hidden People" and bring them to the Cross.

One thing more; I spoke of the mission agencies. Ten of them are so impressed by our IIS program that they are sending our publicity flyers to their own mailing list. Let me name these: Africa Inland Mission Conservative Baptist Foreign Mission Society North Africa Mission
Overseas Crusades

Overseas Missionary Fellowship Regions Beyond Missionary Union Sudan Interior Mission Worldwide Evangelization Crusade Worldteam and Wycliffe Bible Translators

God bless all of you. We love you and depend on your prayers and your telling others about our needs. We have two major payments coming up in just a few days. Satan is on our trail constantly, but God is by our side. Christ has already won the victory; this we know! Claim it with us.


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