This is an article from the February 1981 issue: Three Men, Three Eras



Dear Friends,

I eagerly await word from you as to the progress being made in meeting these payments, and each time a report comes I just hope it brings the encouraging news that funds have come in. do earnestly pray about this and wish that I had hundreds of dollars to send, but I ask the Lord to lay this on the hearts of those who do have funds to send. I pass the "Jericho" book around to those who will read it.

Thank you for. . . the prayer requests that come regularly giving me direction for praying.

Here's my check and I hope the Lord will multiply it many times. I'll surely rejoice to know that the $300,000 loan has been paid back, but I can rejoice now in knowing that the Lord is going to bring these things to pass!

Trusting Him,

-G.M.W. Oregon

I wish I could say that we were up to date on our financial obligations, but I cannot. God is doing many wonderful things here, but in this area, we (the staff and faithful prayers like yourself) must be diligently seeking the Lord. Blessings on you for your prayers, and for your active faith in helping spread the word to others. We shall pray for you 

- Editor.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We at Occidental College have taken an interest in your ministry, and have collected the following donation at our weekly service.

Please accept the enclosed check for $38.10 with our blessings, and may it help you continue your work in furthering the kingdom.

In Christ,

-S.B. California

Dear People,

I've been hearing about the USCWM since the past summer and wanted to know more because I'm interested in attending the school for a semester (or whatever I can squeeze in). Well, praise God, some missionaries here in Valencia, Spain, where I am studying . . . loaned me Once More Around Jericho! I'm so thankful for the timing of God which is so incredible; the book really ministered to me.

I hope to attend the school someday and that's going to take quite a miracle because there's no way I can financially, but I know God can provide.

God bless you, keep marching despite the obstacles and criticisms. Exodus 19:4 6.

I'm praying,

-B.C. Spain

Center for World Missions,

Five in our family  - here is $75. Save the $95 as we already have "Once More Around Jericho" and other information. We are praying for you!

We heard today that our visas were passed for India and just waiting for them now to get to us.

Yours in Him,

J.L. Washington [These folks are missionaries to India Ed.]

Dear Dr. Winter,

I've read "Jericho" and signed it in the back and took it to class and gave it to a member who promised to read, register in the back and also send a check.

I surely would like to visit your campus. Our Young People at Ichurchi are really on fire for the hidden people. I'm 86 but still I can be on fire for missions!


S.L.B. California [Visitors are welcome any time at the Center  Ed.]


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