This is an article from the June-July 1984 issue: Six Missionaries Become College Presidents




It is always exciting to have your newsletter arrive and read how we are faring. The Lord can and due, work in amazing ways, doesn't He! I just know He "l see you/us through this Center's struggle".

-Ruth B. Houston, TX

Dear friends,

We were simply overwhelmed with the last issue of Mission Frontiers... three of the most prestigious seminaries going all out for missions! That's nothing but the gracious work of the Holy Spirit! And prior to that, the tremendous Issue on Wycliffe! Those of us deeply concerned for missions and praying daily for many Individual missionaries and your ministry there are certainly praising our wonderful Lord.

-Mertie B. Hemet, CA

Dear Ralph and Roberta Winter,

I happened to read a newsletter concerning your need for reaching the $6 million for the campus .... I wholeheartedly support world missions, but as a college siticitini I was unsure of how to express my gratitude to God and concern for missions. My donation to your campus is one way I can do that.

I will diligently pray for the U.S. Center for World Mission! hope that you can use my small monetary gift. May God bless you and your vision! I'm so glad that he's the Lord of all.

-Kimberly M.   Norton. MA

Dear Ralph:

For a long time, Ralph. I have wanted to tell you that I am suspicious that the U.S. Center might well be one of the most important, if not the most important movement in world missions in our generation, perhaps in our century. You must be very humbled at the thought how God has used you to touch so many tens of thousands of lives, and undoubtedly hundreds of organizations. Needless to say, the organization Is unique, but I suspect that the secret, from a human standpoint, might be its perfect timeliness. In my own mind, I couple this fact with the evident anointing of the Holy Spirit upon you for such an hour as this.

-Clan Hendrix U.S. Director Send International

Dear Sirs:

I found a Mission Frontiers newsletter lying in Our local post office. Being a recently bornagain Christian, this really brightened up my day.

-David B.

Twenty Nine Pains, CA

Dear Sirs:

I enjoy the Mission Frontiers publication immensely, its insights into the present day missions movement are valuable to me, as well as Its Interviews and helpful suggestions. Also, that publication is my best source of information about the USCWM.

-Charles C. San Bernardino, CA

Dear Sir:

I received your letter ('Touch Ten" invitation) from a friend earlier this month' late in comparison to your dates and goals but I suppose on time for God to have had prepared my heart for it.

Two years ago this June I completed a Sunday School class on what it means to be a World Christian. It was in this class that i was introduced to your Center for World Mission as well as Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Winter. The challenge of living a simple yet meaningful life with the desire to see missions advance was clearly presented. I was encnurarted as well as thrilled to know that there is an establishment that encourages such a lifestyle.

My prayers are with you and your work.

-Amos j.

Dear Mr. Winter/U.S. Center,

While listening to WMBI here in Chicagoland. I heard Mr. Winter, Everything he said touched my heart, and I agree totally ....

I cry each day in my time of prayer when I think of the apathy in the Church today. How can we let 42.000 children die of starvation every day? How can we allow 100,000 people to die every day not ever hearing the gospel!!!

I truly desire to fulfill Christ's mandate. I also feel the same as Paul  I wish to lay a foundation not build on someone's foundation that has already been built. I do not care how hard It Is to go where the gospel has not been preached. I only know that Jesus has told me to go in his word and in my heart.

-Chris L. Griffith. IN


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