This is an article from the February 1983 issue: Dr. Lawrence Keyes



Dear Christian friends:

I received and read the heartrending letter from the Winters. What can I say? My "nickels and dimes" will never pay the bills. We know the oceans are all made of tiny drops. It just seems like most of the "tiny drops" in God's family still are not relating to the worldwide job before us.

I pray for you. I pray God may use me. Even now I am seeking to in some way motivate or influence or whatever at my church and a nearby mission organization. This money is all I can give, God knows.

May all this turn out for the furtherance of the Gospel. May the prayer guides get in the hands, minds and hearts of millions of Christians. May we learn to give gladly and generously. God, help us to care.

My eternal gratitude to you all,

-Elaine B. Mt. View, CA

Dear Friends,

I am enclosing a check for $ to help with payments on your facilities. 1lt is thrilling to read how the Lord has moved so many to help

through the years since the project started. It has been some years since I sent my $15. Your crisis has been steady but the Lord has been faithful since that time, as always.


-James R. Rolla, MO

Dear friends at Frontier Fellowship,

Enclosed is a small contribution towards the Center payments. Prayers go up for the Center daily. God has really impressed me to pray for this undertaking. Keep on persisting! The _Mission Frontiers magazine is very, very helpful and important in staying abreast of developments.

May I request that you send me 10 copies of the January Daily Prayer Guide and also place me on the prayer guide mailing list? Also, would you please send 30 loose change fellowship stickers.

Thank you.

With love and gratitude,

-P. M. El Grove, CA


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