This is an article from the October-November 1982 issue: Mission Agencies and the Final Frontier



Dear Friends at Frontier Fellowship,

Every day I become more excited about this wonderful work.

The "Daily Prayer Guides" are a wonderful help in understanding the needs in the world today. We can see how very urgent it is to pray for world wide needs.

Enclosed is my check. I would like the money to go to Sudan Interior Mission in their ministry in Northern Liberia, such as the Mandingo and Gola tribes.

Yours in Christ's love,

-S. Thompson

Dear Frontier Fellowship,

Thanks for the daily reminder to "Rember the Hidden Peoples" and the way it has enabled me to save the enclosed gift. Please send it to a frontier mission work, or if you are one, hang on to it to get more people involved in designating their change to the hidden.

Thanks for your ministry by proxy to the "Hidden Peoples."

In Christ,

-G. Biasi

Dear Ones at Frontier Fellowship,

We are moving next month to the Philippines to work for World Concern. Is there any way you could mail us the Daily Prayer Guide there? We don't want to lose our global perspective and focus only on the Philippines. I'm enclosing $15.00 to cover excess postage. If it is impossible to send it to us there, we will understand. If this is the case, please direct the money to any worthy "Frontier" cause.

In Christ,

-J. Vanderhoof

Dear Fellow Workers,

I am incredibly impressed and challenged by the Frontier Fellowship "Daily Prayer Guide." Do you have more?' I could use 10 20  it is one of the most exciting

easily helps I've seen in a long time .... 1 think your Guide is a great visiongiver. Please give me some idea how much they cost to make and send  they are well worth it.

In our Lord,

-B. Mullison

Greetings to... the faithful core of workers at the Center.

We are in the process of redefining our missions giving pattern. Essentially to budget at least 50% of all monies (undesignated) to the Hidden Peoples. Of course, whatever is designated to Hidden Peoples we'll send along, too.

Enclosed, please find our check for $2100 to be applied toward the purchase of the Center property. It is not much in terms of what you need  but hopefully as the vision spreads in Hawaii more monies might come along.

May the Lord continue to encourage your heats.

Love and prayers,

-H. Wong 1st Chinese Church of Christ in HI

Dear Frontier Fellowship,

What I'd like to do is get about 6 guys on my dorm floor involved in Frontier Fellowship. I've already read through booklet A and so would like booklets B and C of the Daily Prayer Guide. To get these guys involved I would also like 6 "The Plot" booklets. For right now I think that's all I need.Thank you very much. My horizons are being continually widened and challenged. B. Wilson

Dear Friends in Christ,

Thank you so much for your quick response to my request for daily prayer guides. Thank you also for the excellent contents of the prayer, guide. I think the historical sections are most fascinating. They have greatly helped me to thank God for what He has done in the past and greatly encouraged me to trust Him to keep it up today and in the future.

Blessings on you as you continue this work.

-D. Hultgren


Greetings in the Lord Jesus. I have greatly enjoyed the copies of your monthly prayer guide and have occasion to share quite often in local churches. If possible I would appreciate your sending as many as 200 copies of the May guide that I might share with congregations. It would also be appreciated if you could send samples of material I could use in promoting the Frontier Fellowship.

Also, I have enclosed $15.95 to make me a member.

Yours for lost souls,

-J.N. Easley, Jr.


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